Sky Cable has the worst customer service I have ever experience!

AGAIN, Sky Cable has the worst customer service I have ever experience! Three days ago prior to fight date, I availed Skycable’s Pacquiao versus Bradley pay-per-view. I am very well proud to tell my friends that I have availed one for myself, and then I asked for them to be in our house that Sunday. Everything was all set. My mommy and I went to the grocery and grab things we need for lunch, we also called pizzahut for delivery. We made lunch for our visitors while waiting for the fight. Signal went well at first, but after Jorge Arce’s fight our signal failed.I believed it was just a 5 minute signal interruption however, as I found out its for eternity. After 10 minutes of not seeing any assurance that signal will flunk back, I telephoned the customer service while monitoring the fight via an online livestream. Bernadette Villordon answered my call, and she keeps asking me to wrench off my modem box, do manual scan, and few more for more than 10 times. Imagine? We were troubleshooting the signal over and ended the same procedures. In short, she doesn’t know what she’s getting along. She even scheduled a technical guy the next day! He called me up if what’s my problem with my transmission line signal. Going back, I get more enraged when my mom and I asked for their duty manager. And look we waited for two long hours hanging on the phone hearing their screams ’cause Pacquiao is boxing out Bradley. Not to observe that I called them up 30 minutes before Jessica Sanchez sang Star Spangled banner. Joy Ocampo, Ronald Villareal, Hernan Jader, all on-duty managers of these poor customer service representatives doesn’t want to take our call as they were engaged watching the battle. And, let us pass the benefit for them, they were engaged to the call BECAUSE OF THEIR FAILED SERVICE.

After more than two hours, this Bernadette Villordon hang us up so I phoned again and here is Gabby Gabriel answered me, yet again the same situation. No manager wants to hear us for more than 30 transactions. Yes, you are definitely right we were hang up hearing this annoying standby melody of Sky cable. More than 30 minutes, Ronald Villareal got the telephone and talked to us. Agreed on few terms, and we DEMANDED for a rebate and few more. That damages we bore from your unreliable service. We’re demanding it. We are your customers, we want reliability, we want fast help. Better to scrap all of your customer service representatives and invest more on your new CSR trainings. Not to mention the slow reply of @skyserves on twitter. Asked about my problem twice and not hearing something from the user until now.

If you guys have the same issue, or got a fail service from sky, don’t mind mention it below, comment your grievances. Thank you.

Buhay Amerika

ni John Dela Cruz
Lahat ng sinabi niya nakakatuwa at TOTOO!!!
Akala ng mga tao na nasa Pilipinas kapag nasa America ka akala nila madami ka ng pera. Ang totoo , madami
kang utang , dahil credit card lahat ang gamit mo sa pagbili mo ng mga gamit mo. Kailangan mo gumamit ng credit card para magka-credit history ka , kase pag hindi ka umutang o wala kang utang , hindi ka pagkakatiwalaan ng mga kano . Pag wala kang credit card , ibig sabihin wala kang kapasidad magbayad.

Akala nila mayaman ka na kase may kotse ka na. Ang totoo , kapag hindi ka bumili ng kotse sa America
maglalakad ka ng milya-milya sa ilalim ng init ng araw o kaya sa snow. Walang jeepney , tricycle o padyak sa America …

Akala nila masarap ang buhay dito sa America .. Ang totoo , puro ka trabaho kase pag di ka nagtrabaho , wala kang pangbayad ng bills mo sa kotse , credit
card , ilaw , tubig , insurance , bahay at iba pa. Hindi ka na pwedeng tumambay sa kapitbahay kase busy din sila
maghanap buhay pangbayad ng bills nila.

Akala nila masaya ka kase nagpadala ka ng picture mo sa Disneyland , Seaworld , Six Flags , Universal Studios at iba
pang attractions. Ang totoo , kailangan mo ngumiti kase nagbayad ka ng $70+ para makarating ka dun , kailangan mo na naman ang 10 hours na sweldo mong
pinangbayad sa ticket.

Akala nila malaki na ang kinikita mo kase dolyar na sweldo mo. Ang totoo , malaki pagpinalit mo ng peso , pero
dolyar din ang gastos mo sa America .  Ibig sabihin ang dolyar mong kinita sa presyong dolyar mo din gagastusin.
Ang P15.00 na sardinas sa Pilipinas $1.00 sa America , ang isang pakete ng sigarilyo sa pilipinas P40.00 , sa
America $ 6.50 , ang upa mo sa bahay na P10 , 000 sa Pilipinas , sa America $1 , 000++.

Akala nila buhay milyonaryo ka na kase ang ganda ng bahay at kotse mo. Ang totoo milyon ang utang mo. Ang bago mong kotse 5 taon mong huhulugan. Ang bahay 30 taon mong huhulugan. Ibig sabihin , alipin ka ng bahay at kotse mo.

Madaming naghahangad na makarating sa America .. Lalo na mga nurses , mahirap maging normal na manggagawa sa Pilipinas. Madalas pagod ka sa trabaho. Pag dating ng sweldo mo , kulang pa sa pagkain mo. Pero ganun din sa ibang bansa katulad ng America ….

Hindi ibig sabihin dolyar na ang sweldo mo , yayaman ka na , kailangan mo ding magbanat ng buto para mabuhay ka sa ibang bansa.

Isang malaking sakripisyo ang pag alis mo sa bansang pinagsilangan at malungkot iwanan ang mga mahal mo sa buhay.Hindi pinupulot ang pera dito o pinipitas. Hindi ako naninira ng pangarap , gusto ko lang buksan ang bintana ng katotohanan
Ang bottom line para sa akin ay

Pero pag retired ka na at dala mo dolyar mo sa Pilipinas mas maganda lalo kung palainum ka ng kape. Dun sa Pinas, voice activated ang coffee maker. Mag salita ka lang ng “Inday, kape nga dyan!” Lumalapit ang kape sa iyo at alam na alam pa nga timpla mo!

Anong masasabi mo kabayan….. …totoo di ba?

disclaimer: I just reposted this

Some light quotes for 05.05.10

We don’t have everything to enjoy life. But, we have life to enjoy everything. Always choose to see the nice things..

Life is happier that way.Ü

“It’s hard to forget someone whom you’ve imagined spending your FOREVER with.”

“the purpose of life is not just 2 live but 2 have something worthwhile to live for”

It happens that as we age up, we realize that it’s nonsense to flirt with anybody.. what’s important is to have someone.. for real.

Sometimes loving could very painful,but it’s just so amazing to know that no matter how hard it is,loving someone is still the simplest and best reason why we find our self smiling.

It’s easy to convince yourself u’re not inlove with someone.

until u see that person one more day and then ur heart damn whispers. . .

“here we go again.”

“maybe the reason why
you have to
stop loving a person is because
fate chose
both of you to be friends,

where forever
is a lot more possible.ӟ

Cheesy lines by Seph

An0 gnwa k0 sau??

Pinatibok mo puso ko.. :)

Fetus k plang 2mtb0k n yan.. :-D

Mas pinabilis mo ang pagtibok nito..

Havey.. :-D
hala ngppalpitate k na msma yn.. Hehe

okay lang yun, kung ikaw lang naman naging dahilan ng pagpapalpitate nito..

Auk0 nga, bka ikmatay m0 yan.. :-P

ayaw mo nun, kahit sa huling hininga ko ikaw parin ang asa isip ko pati sa puso ko…

Some light quotes for 04.30.2010

d Lord
u to
keep it
for u
share it

Only in GOD we are truly safe, anything else is false security. We maybe surrounded by mighty walls of stone,
a comfortable home,
or a secured job, but ur relationshp w/ God is d only security we cud hold on. God is r refuge and strength,an everpresent help in times of trouble.

it’s tough to decide if you’re still confuse on what you feel.
don’t decide when you’re angry and don’t just agree if you’re happy.

“may mga bagay sa mundo na kahit hindi mo makuha, makita mo lang, masaya ka na..”

“hindi ka manlalamig s taong mahal mo..

Kung wala kang pinag-iinitang bago.

-ito ang tinatawag na “CLIMATE CHANGE”

It feels so good to have someone who knows how weak and stupid you are at times & yet still finds you amazing simply because they love you

“go f0r

who is
n0t oNLy
pR0ud to
hAve y0u

buT wiLL

take every
risk just
to be
with y0u..;-)

Some light quotes for 04.22.2010

To get something u never had, u have to do something u never did. When GOD takes something from ur grasp, HE’s not punishing u. But merely opening ur hands to receive something better… The will of GOD will never take u where the GRACE OF GOD will not protect u.

”words are the only weighless thing in this world that could actually make you feel heavy.”

“All the little things that annoyed you so much, are the things you’ll miss the most when they’re all GONE.”

“We don’t need to explain how much we love a person it depends on them how they appreciate the efforts that you did for them to be contented.”

“You will always see what’s wrong when you are right. But you will never know which is right when you are happy doing wrong.”

“mas masarap magmahal ng isang taong alam mong mahal ka kahit hindi kayo kesa magmahal ng isang taong sinasabi lang na mahal ka kasi kayo.”

it feels good not being committed into a relationship..

no crying moments

no mind bugging quarrels

no partner to think about..

but it feels better when you have someone taking care of you, thinking about you..

honestly, sweetly, faithfully and securely loving you..

i miss no one..

i just miss the feeling of being taken cared by a special someone.

“a brilliant mind is useless without a humble heart.”

funny how
you’re missing somebody,

but when that
shows up…

you do NOTHING.

” the ugly thing about you is..


Some light quotes for 04.16.10

“All the best love stories have 1 thing in common: you have to go against all odds to get there.”

Forgiveness is such a simple word, but it’s so hard to do when you’ve been hurt.
-Kellie Pickler

i dont understand why destiny aLLowed some peopLe to meet when there’s no way for them to be together.

“Love people not because they give you what you need. Instead, love them because they give you feelings you never thought you needed.”