Ang bosconian ay..


Ang Bosconian ay:

1. Malinis pagpasok, madungis paguwi pero mabango parin.

2. Magulo, maingay pero magalang.

3. Alam lahat ng latest sa kamundohan pero marunong magdasal.

4. Riot rakista, hip hop mailap, alter heater, lahat ng tunog, mapabulong o sigawan pero gentleman.

5. Kamay pang grasa, kuryente at makina pero hustler sa computer, guitara at ano-ano pa.

6. Itsurang anghel pero useful sa kusina, sa garahe at sa buhatan. May katawang pang trabajo at pang disco.
7. Marunong tumalon, tumakbo, lumangoy, lumipad, sumayaw, kumanta, umarte at gumawa ng audio video presentation.
8. Doble Double ang dami ng subjects kasi technical, Double din assignments, projects, activities pero may oras pa sila magbasketball, magcomputer at tambay.
9. Mga gwapo, makisig, maliksi, maabilidad at chick magnet na astig, grabe at lupit ang dating, pero hindi playboy. haha! Halimaw sa apeal pero malambing, thoughful at charming.
10. All of the above na siya pero humble lang kahit may panyo sa kaliwa, rosaryo sa kanan at may maipagmamalaki sa gitna
Simply can’t blame the girls for finding them so irresistible!
In short…..
Ang bosconian ang sagot ng Langit sa panalangin ng libolibong super bait at saksakan ng gandang mga babae. Kung wala kang kaibigang bosconian its either pangit ka, masama ka or both of the above.
The Bosconian – God’s gift to Pretty Ladies and Lucky Chicks… Coz one angel deserves another.
“good guys go to heaven and heaven is one hell of a cool place!” – fr. sylvester casaclang SDB



“Alam mo naman kung anong importante sa akin diba? So yung ang titignan ko.” Non-verbatim.

Takot ko lang ang mawala ka. Takot na takot na ako. Ngunit kailangan kong akyatin ang limang bundok upang marating kita. Ang tanong, kaya ko ba? Sympre, susubukan, gagawin, aakyatin. Pero ako nalang ba aakyat nito? Pwede bang akayin mo ko kapag natapilok ako? Hagkan mo ako kapag pagod na ang mga paa ko? Kasi, hindi ko kayang magisa ito.


Allow me to share my emotions today.I have been to your graduation this morning, yet I chose to be quiet. I had mixed emotions. I am happy seeing you walk down the aisle and let SecGen transfer your tassel from right to left while fixing your hood. Yet I felt sad in a way maybe because I hate goodbyes and I hate the thinking about you leaving the thing you love the most, UST.

I may not be a pillar in the University to be remembered by many. Yet those two years that I have served the institution has been the best and most memorable two years of my life. Even if I am no longer part of the faculty but still I find time to atleast be part of this momentous occasion, because I realized that this batch was the batch I had spent a lot of time with.

Thank you guys! Thank because I have found not just a student, but an avenue to kill my sadness, an avenue to be able to share, an avenue to be able to be myself, an avenue to be able to do my passion and to be able to encounter you. Thank you for those two best years of my life being a mentor to you and a tormentor for some. I’m hoping that I have helped you be a better person, be able to link you to what’s real, and have learned something from me.
Congratulations to each and everyone of you! I’m hoping to see you around. I can’t wait to work with you guys! Always remember what Steve Jobs said, “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish!”. Be hungry to achieve your goals, fight for it! Have a goal in life, especially in your career. And always be humble. Be wise in every decision you make. This is not the end of your journey but just the start of a new beginning! Appreciate each and everyone you encounter. Don’t limit yourself. Explore. Socialize. And most importantly, don’t forget this friendship you have started. God bless!
Sir Seph is always around. Just give me a buzz.

Where did the Vatican Cardinals and Papal Bodyguards stay during the Papal Visit in Manila 2015?

Cooking Class

popeHotel Benilde  Maison De La Salle  was secretly home to Pope Francis’ Papal Entourage last January 14-19, 2015 in Manila.  The presence of the high ranking Vatican Cardinals and Swiss Guards or papal bodyguards remained confidential during their stay.  Now that they are away, here are pictures from the devoted team that handled the delegation.

pope9As early as January 12 classes in SHRIM were cancelled. Those of us not part of the Papal Visit 2015 were asked to vacate the building. Security was very tight and  only members of the Benilde Papal Team were allowed in the premises. The whole hotel was closed for the congregation.  The different entrances even had metal detectors and x-ray machines!

Congratulations to the  Secretariat Team headed by Ms. Lettie Delarmente. They worked very hard  to show our guests the true meaning of Filipino and Lasallian hospitality. The culinary team was headed by executive chef Mae…

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Expect the unexpected

I have been assigned to teach IM203, Systems Analysis and Design to two section. My pleasure to teach this young mind the foundations of Systems Analysis and Design plus involve them in activities beyond. I’ll be teaching this course (as usual) in a Non-traditional way possible, and more over let them work on things the hard way but surely they will benefit from it later on.

For my students, brace your self and get started.

These 4 Things Kill Relationships


John Gottman can listen to a couple for 5 minutes and determine, with 91% accuracy, whether they’ll divorce.

He was featured in Malcolm Gladwell’s book Blink.

Gottman’s researched marriage for over 40 years and couples that attend his workshops have half the relapse rate that standard therapy provides.

His book The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work is excellent and rich with information.

In it he debunks a lot of myths about marriage, explains why marriages go bad and what can be done about it.

The Four Horsemen

How can he tell who will split up? There are a number of indicators but at the core of Gottman’s research are ” The Four Horsemen.” These are the four things that indicate a marriage apocalypse is on its way:

  • Criticism – Complaints are fine. Criticism is more global — it attacks the person, not their behavior. They didn’t take out…

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Sky Cable has the worst customer service I have ever experience!

AGAIN, Sky Cable has the worst customer service I have ever experience! Three days ago prior to fight date, I availed Skycable’s Pacquiao versus Bradley pay-per-view. I am very well proud to tell my friends that I have availed one for myself, and then I asked for them to be in our house that Sunday. Everything was all set. My mommy and I went to the grocery and grab things we need for lunch, we also called pizzahut for delivery. We made lunch for our visitors while waiting for the fight. Signal went well at first, but after Jorge Arce’s fight our signal failed.I believed it was just a 5 minute signal interruption however, as I found out its for eternity. After 10 minutes of not seeing any assurance that signal will flunk back, I telephoned the customer service while monitoring the fight via an online livestream. Bernadette Villordon answered my call, and she keeps asking me to wrench off my modem box, do manual scan, and few more for more than 10 times. Imagine? We were troubleshooting the signal over and ended the same procedures. In short, she doesn’t know what she’s getting along. She even scheduled a technical guy the next day! He called me up if what’s my problem with my transmission line signal. Going back, I get more enraged when my mom and I asked for their duty manager. And look we waited for two long hours hanging on the phone hearing their screams ’cause Pacquiao is boxing out Bradley. Not to observe that I called them up 30 minutes before Jessica Sanchez sang Star Spangled banner. Joy Ocampo, Ronald Villareal, Hernan Jader, all on-duty managers of these poor customer service representatives doesn’t want to take our call as they were engaged watching the battle. And, let us pass the benefit for them, they were engaged to the call BECAUSE OF THEIR FAILED SERVICE.

After more than two hours, this Bernadette Villordon hang us up so I phoned again and here is Gabby Gabriel answered me, yet again the same situation. No manager wants to hear us for more than 30 transactions. Yes, you are definitely right we were hang up hearing this annoying standby melody of Sky cable. More than 30 minutes, Ronald Villareal got the telephone and talked to us. Agreed on few terms, and we DEMANDED for a rebate and few more. That damages we bore from your unreliable service. We’re demanding it. We are your customers, we want reliability, we want fast help. Better to scrap all of your customer service representatives and invest more on your new CSR trainings. Not to mention the slow reply of @skyserves on twitter. Asked about my problem twice and not hearing something from the user until now.

If you guys have the same issue, or got a fail service from sky, don’t mind mention it below, comment your grievances. Thank you.