~* new seph [hopefully] *~

i remember when i first got a trim of my dull hair. It was December then since i got it. I was planning to treat my hair off. This gay treated it with this “relax” but the outcome doesn’t gave me a smile. I decided to bring it back to him to cut those dry hair.  I told this gay parlorist to give me a harry potter [daniel radcliffe] look. But he failed. haha. Due to my straight hair caused by the hair relax treatment that i got in. well that’s what I went through on my last hair cut day.

After 8 months no hair cut, i had to maintain my soo long hair. I look soo rock-ish hard rock when i remember what i looked before. It haven’t got my taste either.

Anyway, past will be past. So what’s the reason of this new cut? Well, to tell you honestly, I had soo many reason why i have this new cut. First, I would want to have a new look. Next, Angelia’s debut is fast approaching, having a long hair doesn’t seem to get pretty good looks when i got into a formal wear. Next, i want to change my life, by changing my look [for me] is one of the first CHANGE in my life. Next, having a long hair seem to have lotsa attention [but not to the girls around] but to the guys! People knew i was a girl. haha. [Like what happened at the salon]. She thought I am a girl, then she saw me I was a HE. Anyway, Next thing I why I want to have a hair cut is to look presentable. To look formal-ish instead. I also want people to see me neat [outside]. I also want [and I promised someone] to approach her family in a formal way. A formal look will do. i don’t want to see me ragged. [maybe they will not entrust *** to me as for what i look right?]. Anyway, hope and pray she will introduce me to her family someday. [all we wanted] this eternal covenant that all of us dreamt of having. Hope and pray that her family accepts me. But before her family, she should first. right?

I got one or more reasons to reveal but i forgot those. Anyway, i would like you [friends, barkada, family friends, loved one/s] to see me. The NEW seph, physically. I guess i would also have a new attitude, trait and everything. New way of dealing things. new way of dealing you. yes you. you and you and you. all of you.


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