10 Reasons why you should date a BOSCONIAN

before anything else i want to paste into my blog the name were i got this. Acknowledge to Mr. Alexis Narciso.

Many of you will say, too many bosconian did this already. Ample of bosconian who are net supporter have their own version of this on their blogsites. You may count me in to those bosconians. ‘coz we are proud to have one like this. But, people, read this and take this as an article not a form of boasfulness on our part.


10 Reasons why you should date a Bosconian:

1. Because he has minimal interaction with the opposite sex, he would most likely appreciate the female species more.

2. He wouldn’t act as $%@ky as your regular university guy because he gets less practice in that department.

3. He’d be more gentlemanly because he’s not exposed to the reality that this is no longer expected of him.

4. You’d be his “one and only” because he has no “field” to play in.

5. He won’t be ditching you for a night out with the boys because he’s practically sick of being with the boys.

6. A huge sign that says “Jump. Run. Make Noise. But do not sin.” is the focal point of their gymnasium, so he has got to be nice, at the very least.

7. You won’t have to force him to go to the barbers because longbackers are a no-no in his campus.

8. He lives and breathes mathematics and can therefore do wonders to your algebra average.

9. He’ll always look his best when he’s with you because it’s not everyday that he (or anyone else for that matter) actually cares about his appearance.

10. Finally, he’s taught to do his ordinary duties extraordinarily well, which can’t be a bad thing.

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