Lost on a Saturday

Saturday night after my rigorous training at our Central gym. We were preparing for our graduation this coming Sunday, September 14, 2008. This training day was a diyahe day for me, you know why?

I was at my strong mood that day. I started right. We are tasked to jogged and so do I. I lead them on some kinestetics moves and so. In short, i was in a better shape. I’m at boost because our new instructor was there. Sir Kim-the olympic instructor [that’s what they called him] he was our olympic coach, he watched/trained both Tony and Tshomlee, and wait! he was a Korean so i’d better speak English when talking to him.

Offense defense was way up. I had to rattle everyone with my high flying moves. I hit Lendle on his face twice. Damn, can’t believe it I’m flying! With those funky bullet [4times] and a roundhouse on his face that let his day-dreaming vanish. After, those hits. we had our armour drills. That’s the time i let my face hit by my towel. I was so dizzy that i couldn’t kick hard. I want to kick Lendle’s armour as hard as i can but darn~! I can’t. Even Sir Jacky saw my performance that day. “Joseph, diyahe what happened to you?”, I can’t talk.  And so then.

After those freakin’ training day, i rested for quite a while here at my house. After hours of rest, i felt my stomach searching for food and so I leave the house and walk. walk walk walk. While walking my mind was lost in air. Looking for possible questions and answers to those questions. I feel that, I am independent, all alone walking on a dark shallow street. I’m sad because I long for them. Still longing those important people, things that would run my car-self again. As I saw a Minute Burger stand way up, I decided to stop and buy. Afterwhich, I dropped by on the nearest 7-eleven store and look for a drink as I look for soda i saw Infinit, by Ginebra San Miguel. haha. Funny, i told myself to try this. haha. out of curiosity i bought this cocktail drink and went home to enjoy.

That’s my Lost Saturday event. haha.


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