a letter from hell

i got this from my friend, Erika. It was creepy though, its sounds morbid.

but what if its true? does your conscience really work now? What if really, you had a friend who haven’t knew Jesus?

I remember what the gospel says last Sunday., we people seem to not think of the others, we seem to tell, ” non tocca a me!” in which it means “wala akong paki”. We don’t seem to care on what others do, we tend to take them for granted.  we just had what we can. We see our comrades cheat, but we don’t mind. Do you know that it is a sin?

take a look at this gospel reflection of Fr. Duds, SDB or a video presentation that was prepared for us by Fr. Jun Lingad, SDB. In here we tend to understand what life should be on earth. This video clip will reminds us people on how we walk this path, that we may see what bounds us after life.

2 thoughts on “a letter from hell

  1. eibhrum says:

    only through the SALVATION OF JESUS CHRIST, one person can be saved, away from hell.

    For God so love the world that He gave His only Son. That whosoever BELIEVES in HIM, shall not perish, but have everlasting life.

    – John 3:16

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