Getting Real: It’s all about you being getting real [Chapter 1 and 2]


What is getting real though? As what I’ve squeezed through, getting real is to simply have a simplification of everything. As the on-line book tells on, it is a smaller, faster, and easier way to build software. It will not just for entrepreneur, doctor, and what have you. It have touched the aspect called life here on earth, and deals with reality.

Its all about me

To fully understand and inject to us this so-called getting real, we as a person will simply glimpse first on how things would go onto us. Simply, look atwhat we’ve done, quest for things that went off our track, and find ways to avenge those off-track attitude that myself have.

It is all about me, or shall we say up to us on how we go through the process in which to attain the real. We need to have our own to remedy the ailments that inflicted our persona.

I remember then what I’m encountering and what my mind is talking right now. I was at ease that I don’t know who am I, who’s really this Seph that was called. I’m looking for the whole detail of my tribulations that Ihaven’t come up and see those small features that transcends. I was at my vision that I see those whose at the horizon, while those beside me aretaken for granted. Honestly and I admit that I was so blind then. I didn’t even feel what others have for me. Many have advised me to take a glimpse on what I have at my own, at my sides before dealing those at front. Simple problems seem to have simple solutions that I don’t look at, and take myself on them, And I came to a point in which I now handle my things tidily, step at a time will do. I also remember that my ex told me to have a method on how to solve each and every tribulation the I dealt.


To be real is to have passion on what you do. So what is passion then? and How does one know that he/she is of passion?

According to Oxford English dictionary passion would be a very strong emotion; intense sexual love; an outburst of very strong emotion; an intense enthusiasm for something; and lastly (the Passion) the suffering and death of Jesus.

In my view of passion, it would be the same as some of Oxford defined. I had two known connotations that would relate into the word passion. One would then be passion that can give an intense feeling to a person towards another person that he/she felt the sentiment of “love” into it. It can be an intense feeling to a place, thing or an act. The other connotation that comes to my wits when we speak of passion would be related to Christ Jesus suffering, death and His new life. What would passion then be for me?

I had to break down my connotations into parts to explain further its inner meaning.

Intense feeling

When we speak of passion in this connotation we would speak of person’s desire to another gal/guy. It is a mere obsession of a person that may lead to his/her love for that person.

When we say a person is in passion of the other human that person has a burst of feeling for it. This person cannot express passion through words however there would be something running through his/her mind and feel something special through his/her body that may give meaning to passion. It is like love that cannot be defined through words but can be defined through emotions. Passion is emotion indeed. In passion, you just go with it; you just express life in it. In passion, you are not forced to do it to your obsessed-person rather you just give it naturally and emotionally. It would be go go. It is a desire to do it for the sake of doing it because you love doing it. Passion is like having crush onto something. Even though tribulations may come your way while doing it when you have this passion, you will have strength to go on into life. Venture life as if you are venturing in a river which flows naturally through streams. You let yourself flow.

Passion is not just stuck in loving persons, as I said in my early statements passion is intense emotion to place, thing or an act as well. Like passion for person, passion for place or thing or an act would be the same. As I have said, in passion it is the desire to do it not just for the sake of doing it over and over again rather doing it because you love doing it.

One example of which would be based on my personal story. I have so many passions as I may say. Passion in playing guitar, passion in playing my beloved sport taekwondo, passion in computers, passion in serving while leading, passion for my religion and what have I got. So, like in my passion in the sport taekwondo I would give a chip for it. I got into that sport for years [11 years to be exact]. I stayed in that sport even though I am not that good in it. Due to my passion in doing it I give a shot for it. Now, I am a varsity of the school enjoying percentage of scholarship incentive, competing and representing the school toward its glory. Planning to give my incentive to others who deserve my spot, I still got something behind it. My skills were not a waste for me rather my investment in teaching kids and hone them to be the future fighters of the country. Passion for teaching my sport would be next; even though I haven’t got any good recognition I still pursue to be a good and well-known coach for my students.

Passion is like a fuel, it keeps you going even though you are not that good [like me] on your chosen sport you still strive to be the best in other ways. You still give the best to be the best. To be paid at the end.

Christ Passion

If we had a better meaning of passion like what I have discussed on my early page, passion has its sad side of it.

Christ passion, as a born-practicing catholic in the Philippines my mind would say passion is what Jesus the Christ did for us. As we commemorate the holy week we commemorate Christ persecution toward His goal in saving us [his fellow brothers and sisters] from our sins.

What is passion then in view of Christ?

Passion of Christ would be His own fight for the conversion of sinners. It is His way of proving that He loves us through His passion, death and resurrection [paschal]. He was betrayed by a man named Judas Iscariot in replacement of 30 pieces of silver. With an idea that He won, due to his realizations that he lost His friend he returned 30 pieces of silver to the patriarchs however it is too late for him. Mind was ruined and brought him to his end.

Passion of Christ would be His suffering. Basically it would relay to us every single detailed word that would give meaning and story to complete the way to Golgotha for Christ. It was tragic connotation for us about passion and would lead us Catholics to what we are on earth and what would our faith gives in. This act of our Lord institutes and founded our Catholic faith. With this we are born, with this we are known for being Catholics not just by word but by in faith.

How can we know it is passion like Christ?

As I said, passion means suffering. One may know passion is in them when he/she suffers for the betterment of other. Passion like Christ is a passion with love. You suffer due to love. You suffer because you love them. You suffer because that is the main reason why you love them, to suffer for them.


In life, passion for us would be the good. We normally see passion as to what we feel in our emotional ego. We normally relate passion to happiness, but we haven’t seen the other side of passion. Passion that Christ gave us, passion that would give love for others. It is the passion in which we sacrifice our whole to give others happiness not for the sake of giving love for them rather to give that unconditional love for them. The love that cannot be measured by any measuring device, rather the love that gives us inner peace and happiness when we accomplish it. Like God for us. He gave His life for the sake of saving us from sins. Passion is not just giving and giving but spending it wisely for it.

If we combined the two meaning of passion we may see that it bounds into one thing. It is bounded to loving. In passion, we are in the word love. We are working with love. Passion is love then passion would not just require you but when you are passionate for something you are in the sense of loving it. That is it.

Flexibility in time

Another means of attaining the real is by parting into reality and do prioritization. You need to prioritize works that would lead to an order on how to be at real. Every decision needs a procedural works, by that you will lead into your being real.

That would be it for being real.

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