Shopify: my online tees shoppe

It was September 9, 2008 that we had to have our first day in school. We met Mr. Dave Quitoriano, our IS-EBIZ professor in the academe [De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde] and introduced us in the world of WordPress.

I got couple of accounts in WordPress that I may seem to be ahead for some, but I still need to look at how it works so I may fully understand the system. Anyway, after we got into this WordPress, he next acquaint us with Shopify— an online e-commerce site which caters people, and companies in the retailing industry and which it takes care of hosting to sell your goods online. It lets you organize your products, customize your storefront, accept credit card payments, track and respond to orders — all without the hassle of running a physical store.

He notify us to sign up and try to have an account to this site and so I created my own account. But heavens weren’t there for me that time that my station’s browser cannot hold cache from Shopify, and same incedent happened to some of my colleague. So Sir Dave gave it to us as an assignment and that as soon as I got home from school I visited Shopify’s home page and signed my small business into it and start constructing. I constructed my site for about an hour and boom! FINISHED!. I just waste my time updating it and look for a possible edits.

Whats inside

I came through with this by having my first online tees shoppe and I call it Bluestella Tees. I posted my sample tees online and let my the whole world see my works. They can have orders and probably delivered their orders to them as soon as possible. But before I open my e-retailing business, I need to fix my PayPal account first afterwhich, BOOM~! Iam up to it!

All of the tees posted were my works. I’m into arts and design and so I worked with my creativity to come up with those tees that you see. I published tees like Information Systems Marketing tee that was our project in one of our course subject in the academe. One tees that was offered was our Batch Tees for Philippine Taekwondo Contingent’s Batch 7 that will graduate this coming Sunday, September 14, 2008. The orginal plan for that was, I will only limit the tee for my fellow batch mates. But as soon as they [my friends] saw my work they raised their hands up and told me they want to have one, and so I published it to public viewing.

All of my tees are in a pre-selling mode, which means I am gathering orders first before I let it be printed and delivered to them.

I’m really excited on what will be happening. Hope to see the best in me this term and to fulfill my dream of having an online/ e-business retail that would lead me to my fame and wealth.

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