Chapter 3 – Stay Lean

Less Mass

In this topic of having a less mass, we view how lean and would make it easier for him to change. Same as what we have as a whole, the smaller the better.
On this, what this book wants to point to us is to be simple as possible to better adopt points. By having a less will give you a better stand in parallel to what the other group has. You can move freely if you have it weightless. In which if you put it in reality, by having a lesser weight, your body tends to carry your weight smoothly and quickly than those having difficulty in carrying their weights.

Thumbs up when 37 signals did tell through their book that, in a less-mass businesses, they can quickly change their entire business model, product, feature set, and marketing message. In which they can make mistakes and fix them quickly. They can change their priorities, product mix, and focus. And, most importantly, they can change their minds.

With this, we can fully adopt to what we want to be, what getting real is teaching us, be at lean as possible to better serve what should be serve and to have a better and free life. By being in freedom, lean you can do a thing that you want most.

Lower Your Cost of Change

Change is not quite a thing we should do or have in other to change things in life. As we live in this world, the only thing which is permanent is change. We are supporters of change really. Everyone do, by having change would be a thing in your life. Not just of having change would mean you are at the point of getting real is all about, with due to being simple, once a gain, main ingridient of being in real is to have the simplest form as possible.

With you being small, it keeps you to be agile and fast at times. That would be an advantage that a small group have. Being in a small group of people, or being in the basic of life and seeing it at base point can mean the base for change, a simple way we can change lives and which is more cheaper in a sense that you deal with the basic that just the basic concepts of a thing will be change and further be updated.

The Three Musketeers

In which three musketeers must be layed off, being at this simple group would mean alot thing. It only says that, 3 is enough to make things work out fine. You don’t need extravagant and well-rounded teams of 4 or even much more to come up with a decision or deliverable. The idea of having a small peer would mean teamwork that would rise unto them. By that in which those three would get informations needed in order for them to surpass what is needed.

I was strucked on this quote in which 37 signals says that, “Talented people don’t need endless resources.” I was about to agree on what 37 signals said to this book. Talented people are worth an effort to make all thing he/she knew come out of his/her mind. He/she doesn’t need endless resources just to let all things work.

Embrace Constraints

In this topic it only says that, in dealing with the constraints involve in a project you just let this constraint the source of strength in order for you to deal with whats in. Let those limitation a guide for you to go on further and to be more wealthy of experience in life. This contraints will only be a challenge that was once come in our lives, that sooner or later we can see the soiution towards every limits we have,

Be Yourself

With the topic title itself says that, we should be with ourselves. One important lesson in life is to be what who we really are. That’s the challenge to us as human being by God. In life, it is not just in matter of how we do, what we are, but who we really are and what we had when we were first born upto the last breathe that we breathe in for life. Be proud you had what you really are. And care for what you do and say in which other people may tend to hear and see what you’ve got

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