Chapter 4 – Priorities

What’s the Big Idea?

In this topic that was scribed by 37 signals, the path that they want readers to think of is, before dealing with anything that would require skills, you should know first which is which.
The idea is that, we first need to set our goals, protocols, purpose, and vision to come up with a strong project proposal.

I remember then when we were first doing our mini thesis at our Information Management Programming course. We were tasked by Mr. Crystal to come up with a system that caters all that we tackle on his subject. We are bound [Ellen, Fridz, and I] to come up with Banking system. I first told them that idea, in which they freely accepted. At first we were at fool on how we do the system. Our ideas mostly tied up by the ideas with others, duly because we haven’t got a document plan regarding on how we envision our project. Then so, we came up with this deliverable, that states what we want to do with our project, things that we need in the project, how will the project run off, how will the project be in a system in which we will constructed, so on and so forth.

Another thing is that, I’m thinking of having a business. I’m planning to have an online store that deals with t-shirts I made. So then I let my mom know about my plan. And so, she asked me something which I tend not to listen to. But in quite a while I thought of what she’s saying, she says that “what would be your target market for that? Do you think you would get profit there? Where is your location? What’s the purpose of having an online shop with your own boutique/stall?”. I came to think of, she has her words.

What would be my purpose then of having an online shop if I still have my stalls? That is one thing getting real is taking us on, identifying what’s your purpose of doing such project. You will think of it as your vision that would lead you to the crest. Another thing is that, by our vision we will see things clearly for that, you will see the phase that you’re having while doing some.

Let us remember that “A perfect project would require perfect planning, in which we should have sets our goals and vision that will be the cause of perception of everyone”.

Ignore Details Early On

I remember then when I used to get my problems off me. I used to view all of which as many as I can that browser cannot find any connection to what the pages of my life are scrolling. I was a multi-tasker emotional guy that came to get all of my problems in just one sitting. I wasn’t able to help then so I come across to the life of this girl I used to love, ha~! That taught me how to manage my life, and problems truly that now my browsers cannot come across any difficulties in connecting. She made me realized few thing that’s worth a memoria for. She then sees problems smoothly, acquiring one at a time that gave me an inspiration to do the same thing.

What’s the point then of having my past logged here? It is then i used to link it over to what the topic is saying. Learn to see things smoothly but doing and having things one at a time. Don’t use all means to have everything done in a single sitting or so. In life, we can’t be too fast in dealing things. But we should learn to take it slow as we can so that every detail, we can count on. To be general at a time means something than taking all who’s in the list at one post.

So then the idea of ignoring details early on.

“Put it as your problem whenever it strikes your post”, a much better way of expressing this topic. Don’t let other problems bury you, and don’t let be the reason of your misfortune. What the topic is talking is that it is not you who did that unease problem you have, but those around you. Carry your own cross and move your way.
Better of make your own decisions and it is much better to have your own way of dealing than others.
Hire the Right Customers
I was on my knee to this post-quotation. It says that “If you try to please everyone, you won’t please anyone”. It is simple yet gives a gist of what it should be.

In full honesty, we see this as a true quotation that came out. You simply cannot please anyone, everyone however, you can please somebody, a few.
I have a story then, I was at my vest when I came into a relationship. I have equipped myself with everything I needed to have, looks, traits, good attitude, and so. We went through storms of circumstances, but we never lose hope that we can cope up, hold up to each other as the wind gust wants to separate us. Here comes her friends and barkada, who came to be her co-officer, and side kick. Those barkada knew me as playboy, chick hunter, and guy from the block who usually let girls cry and swept of their feet. I was to the point of change when they judge me as the same person they knew me from start. Even if i got a chance to defend myself I cannot be in. They are to judge me to whoever I am. But what’s hell about it is that they got my girls attention that convicted me from what they are taking it to my girl. Lesson is, pleasing someone with your attitude is a different game that we can’t bound to have a perfect mark on this.

That would be for my Priorities reflection in which i tackled the best topics that was on the Getting real book.:D


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