Philippine Taekwondo Contingent Selection for Batch 11: A well verse event that happened last Sunday

September 14 — an ordinary Sunday for some, but for the members for the Philippine Taekwondo Contingent Delegation was the most awaiting date of all.
For the gen of some, Philippine Taekwondo Contingent was a company/institution for the elite players in Taekwondo here in the Metro and its nearby places. It is considered as the National Team for primary and secondary team member, it is also considered as the breeding ground for the future Olympians and junior champions of the Philippines. I may not put it as a proud note but well to inform you that Olympians Toni Rivero and Tshomlee Go, was one of the pioneer group of this company collection.

In this day will witness the breath-taking persecution of aspiring Taekwondo Jins from different fractions of NCR and the nearby provinces towards the radius of the metro. It also waits the duly graduation of the Lead Batch, Batch 7 that gave service for almost 4 years.

It was an epic battle for Marquez and Casamayor, and it was for us as well. Fighting for survival is what the aspirants are having. Battling out for breathe as we [Active Batches] test their machines of stamina and strength. For us active batches would test our skills being the elite one of NCR. And proudly, we did it well.

I was the Team Captain for the Lead Batch, and so I was so-called right hand of Sir Ricky that time. All I here is, “Joseph. All active batches if you have concerns bring it to Joseph and so Joseph will converse it to me. So on and so forth.” I did my job, but not fully though. I have my rank and files to do some for me. What will I do if I can’t do it all? Pass it right?

The process of the event was as follows:
I came to the venue at around 7:30 in the morning. I saw bunch of people waiting. I didn’t see active batches were in coming that time, so I contacted Eryka as to where is her location that time. I’m looking for a talk that’s why, well early morning matters. She replied that she’s on her way, and busy on her task of letting the photocopier copy the application form. After couple of minutes, here she comes. Then we are bound to look for masking tapes that will be used for tagging the aspirants. And so we look for, darn we only got 7-eleven as the only merchandise shop that can give us what we wanted. Even though it’s hard for us to get some dough on our pits, but we need to.
To view things forward, at 8:30 in the morning Paula was there, Zahra too came in, and more off [pardon for not having your names here]. We started distributing application forms to respective aspirants and some parents-coaches we saw. And which is the start of the tremendous-tedious work for the registration committee at hand.
By 9 in the morning came a lot of people, active batches were bit filing up the venue. Another is the entry of Sir Ricky Santiago – training director of the Philippine Taekwondo Contingent [PTC] and call for a Lead Batch meeting, which was the time I was tasked to be in command throughout the day. After the meeting, we bound to look for the waiting area for parents, that I was noted by my officer-in-charge of the crowd control that we cannot lay plastic straws within the vicinity of manggahan. Sir Marco and his friend went with me to look for possible substitute to the first plan we had. Got it!

“PTC ACTIVE BATCHES GO STRAIGHT TO THE GYMNASIUM NOW!” as I shouted to. Registrations are still ongoing, as the upcoming batch take charge of putting those aspirants at heat [Well, we fail to have an intense heat action for them though. Another would be pep talk for them]. As Sir Ricky handled the active batches for introduction, and briefing, I was busy taking video and photographs of what is happening as I will be having a PTC Documentary someday [I’ll be having it once I snatch time over my academics]. Go on! Go on! As the aspirants feel of the heat, and we are in shade busy watching them punished.

After that heat activity, we went off straight to manggahan for their wondrous initiation. Gladly, all our active in that activity. I got some photographs, and Tito Livy got reels over them. After which, they had their water break. Lucky you aspirants! You had your water breaks. But gosh! Too much mehn! Can those parents get off your sons and daughters sides? And wait! You entrusted to us your sons and daughters how come you’re complaining? Isn’t it? They wanted it so we’ll give them what they want. Anyway, let those umbrellas that strike down the heat for aspirants get off from them, they need vitamins for more strength. And darn! Stop having a baby talk miss? You’re old enough to cry like a baby. For the stop, simply they went through a rest for 10minutes after which they are bound for 100 laps at the manggahan.

While waiting for quite a while, and its damn 12 in the afternoon already. Erika De Leon, Paula Mendoza was bound to buy food for our instructors. I asked Eryka Del Rosario to come with us and so we went through Harrison Plaza to buy pizza for the guys. I got some dough to my mom, and so I got lunch for us two, Eryka and I. While waiting for the three to finish buying cake as a gift. Eryka and I decided to eat my McDonalds at Greenwich. A guy came to us talking, “Do you know Butch blah blah blah? He was the commissioner of Phil Sports Commission. I wanted to ask for a favour if you can give my letter to him.” Honestly, we answered this man from Greenwich Company saying, “Yes, we know him, but we were not close at him. Yes our president and maybe our vice can have a summit with him but, darn were kiddos.” The idea is, he wanted to have a small tutorial, or learning as they have their project something. He wanted to ask for us to teach kiddos they have for a cost. I was thinking of accepting his offer, I am waiting for it but I’m with Eryka then and as if I know that guy right? We’re not close really are we? He asked for my ring up, and I badly gave it to him. Yay~! Another stalker mehn!
After an hour of waiting at Greenwich, we bound to go back to manggahan to deliver what we’ve got. We seen them [aspirants] doing some sprints. After couple of sprints, I heard my name that Sir Ricky shouted through. We bound for a get back. Its time for the most awaiting part of the day, sparring. Another 20-minute break for them. That caters them a time to change clothes and prepare for sparring. After which, Sir Jacky tasked me to gather all junior aspirants and have them under the sun having some exercise, squatras. Anyone, can do it? So they can. After some kick of asses, a so-called accident was taken. A guy was hit on his face that cuts his brows. Swelling like Manny Pacquaio had when he fought Marquez. Come on! We was brought to the nearest clinical station to nurse his brows off. Damn, who did this? Anyway, sad time now as we journey to the end of our service as National Teams lead batch. We are now graduating. I was the first one to be called in front, so on so forth. After which is our note for the junior as well as the active batches. I was not on my position that time so I tend not to have a speech that day, but I created a scribble after I got home. Just visit my site at and so the takeover of positions. And come to think of the active batches gift to their seniors, wow how sweetums.
Wait! Not over yet, we had mini salu-salo after and some photo sessions with the instructors. After, is the farewell for everyone. That would be the day that we had last Sunday.


2 thoughts on “Philippine Taekwondo Contingent Selection for Batch 11: A well verse event that happened last Sunday

  1. Sinister says:

    Hi there …

    It seems that you have shown much interest into blogging as much as your interest in Taekwondo.

    As we share the same interest and involvement which is Taekwondo, PTC & TBB, such brought me to stumble upon your blog.

    As I have read through your post – I have gotten the gist of what you are trying to impart.

    A simple suggestion though, please do be very careful with your grammar. Posting blogs is a manner of conveying a message in a thorough, well organized way adapting proper rules in grammar.

    Your write-up showed several lapses even in the basic form of grammar such as subject-verb agreement, nouns and pronouns to prepositions, conjunctions and even punctuation marks.

    Hope you take such suggestion constructively.


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