When i miss the girl i loved

[september 21, 2008 ; 10:34PM]

ahh.. i didn’t know what i ate that my mind told me i misses her, she’s on my contact list so then i’d removed her from opening this blog. yay~! whatta night for me.. i even got to have photoshopped her photographs that was left on my file drive and made my work my lappie’s new wallpaper. i even remember the song that gian told me.. “she’s always a woman to me”.. mehn, even if she annouced that she was a lesbi is the fact that i don’t even know why i’m still here for her? why? have i not learned to moved on? nah.. i moved on.. i know i had.. haha.. darn thing mehn..truly, i miss her.. darn.. how lovely this night was, and how lovely the fact that i misses someone i loved.

yay~! im currently listening to billy joel’s shes always a woman, yay~! how lovely…

what does kuya wants to tell me kaya? hay nakoo~! bakit ba ganito? nainlove nanaman ata ako sa dati ko.. mehn.. i thought there’s no future in the past? why siya parin? pag ako talaga niloko ni Kuya, ibang klase e..hayy… kung iiwan niya lang si girlfriend, at magiging straight siya why not? minahal ko naman eh.. hayy.. someone help me out? comment naman kayo.. hahah… she’s always a woman parin naman for me e.. eventhough lesbi siya, babae parin siya.. yay~!
anyway, back to what i am working on.. this VERTSOL thing we have..

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