Chapter 6 – Process

In this chapter here we see what it mean to process things out. In developing software doesn’t mean you develop it fully on the first run. When you read this chapter here you will seek knowledge on how-to.
I imagined me before, when I was a young 2nd year student in Don Bosco Makati, we were taught how to build websites. I was the one who’s first in class in the field of building WebPages. My teacher even exempts me from class duly because I was in the lead then. I used to build hard and heavy websites, mainly because I was not fully on-the-knowledge of ethics when it comes to websites. But I remember then that, when I was building our Taekwondo club website I used this animation effects from animation factory before [I don’t know if they still in the field]. Despite of this heavy websites I made, I remember that I build it in process. I have my own process of building my site that I didn’t give up everything just on one sitting. I launched my site with a lot of markings of animated “under construction”, with all those tables which are not fully at scale.
This chapter is for me, I remember the things I used to have even if I am still immature. Even if I don’t get the codes I used to have, I still pursue to use it and work on with it. With a bunch of hard work and passion in doing website, I came with this small piece of website that leads me in developing websites for organizations like Jet1 club – a motorcyclist group having their passion in motor bikes specifically Jet1.
What this chapter want to point to us is that, in building a website we don’t need to give everything at finish everything in a snap. You need a lot of patience in doing software. As what the chapter says, you don’t expect to get it on your first time. Maybe you can but not all can get it right.
In this chapter it also tackles about some processes. To be in a team or even on your own, still brain storming is important. Not a thing would happen if you don’t. Remember correct planning would lead to a nice work. Sketching plan is another thing. It is better to sketch thing and do a mock draft of everything before you fully load it.
Well, that would be for my chapter 6.
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