Chapter 7 – Organization

One topic that got my attention was this Alone Time. Well, this chapter was saying that, lone time or being alone means having your zone. They say interruption is your enemy. But why is that it is not suitable for me then?

Well, I’m into interruption. To think, working over the internet is a big interruption. But I can’t take this thing off me duly because it is one way of extending my knowledge to things. One interruption that seems to give meaning still would be the use of Twitter. Twitter for me is very useful in stuffs. I use it to extend my knowledge to things I love, and that is technology. I got to follow some big blogging company like Techcrunch, Broadsheet Company like, C Net News, and a lot more. I have them as my friends, that I read their articles. I know more about latest gadgets and gizmos coming. Even if its neither midnight nor noon already I don’t care, I care about I’m enjoying what I am doing. Even if I’m not yet done with my homework however i enjoyed having those “interruptions” with me, I’m still happy about it.

It is not worth the reason by having those interruptions. Getting real is pointing us that, we should have our own zone, to have a lone time to work things out. Well, this got my attention due to the fact that I don’t use this method. I’m not into the method they were pointing, but I guess this would really great if I can adapt to what they seem to point to us.

Another topic that got my attention was this Meeting are toxic. Well, I agree with what it tells us. Meeting usually tend to waste our time and efforts. Meetings are usually useless when you tend to meet your group mates at a regular time cost.

I remember then when I used to call a meeting either here in the academe or in national team, where I used to be the team captain. When I call a meeting, usually i got few attendees. I look at myself as a dumb leader because of this, not having enough attendees, not having their full blown attention. Hayyzz, but I think of, if I am not an effective leader why that is my team mates are afraid of me? When I train back, they were all at their selves and tend not to move much and talk much. Well, let me go back to what the topic has to say. In a meeting, we are not into information sharing but a quick run through of what will be going. We don’t need much attention to have an effective project, we just need to polish once or twice that is.

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