Chapter 8 – Staffing

When I was a kid, I used to dream about my future. I want to do this do that. I have to have this have that. Be a priest or be like that so on so forth. One thing I remember most was when I dream of having my own company. That was one of greatest dream I ever dreamt. Well, who knows I can be the top CEO/CIO of one company. Dream big my friend. But I don’t have an idea or I may say a personal touch behind what’s this chapter is all about. Let me give my personal reflection instead of.

Well, the idea that 37signals wants to give to us is that, when we hire people we don’t need to hire much. We don’t need to have an overflow of man power. If a man can do one stuff compare to the other can do many just choose this guy who can work well. I remember when we used to have our discussion at one of our core subject PERMANA [Personnels Management], we used to tackle this issue. Our professor once said, “If you are the CIO or the HR person in-charge of this, who will you pick? the one who works well and knows more programming languages?[if you wish to hire a programmer] or the one who specializes at one programming language? What will you do if your client wants to use VB instead of C++?” Well, that’s one thing I learn about the subject, don’t specialize to much to one programming language or specializes on one field. better explore things more than anyone else and I’m starting it now.

Another thing that this chapter tells is that, it’s much better to give the neophytes a small project to handle one as their part of “initiation” process and might as well hone them for future job. We should also support open source programs such as Java to see the talents of new individuals in the field of programming.

The total point of this chapter is that, in having a company or hiring and staffing people you should know what is important. You should see what is really needed by your company not your bosses or your own. One thing that you should look for is a man/woman who is jack of all trade. Who can wear different hats in different dimensions of life and projects as well. Objective is not having those kind of people but those who can do it properly and efficiently. That’s all for chapter 8 well it’s kinda late [it rhymes]


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