Chapter 10 – Code

well coding, what was coding then? speaking of coding. I love to code. Usually I do some codes for my website before. When I was highschool that was the time I started to code. I usually do my website. HTML was just my forte that time. I coded lots of websites from my former team Don Bosco Taekwondo Club website to Jet1 club– a motor lover group of people. Well, I didn’t see that before that I know how to code. I just noticed it when I was here in the college.

I experience alot from coding. I am not just a web developer but a software engineer/developer as well. I love coding seriously, eventhough i have a hard time coding sometimes I still enjoyed it. One thing that would make me happy is by developing a software/website that would make customers/clients [i usually call my professors,teachers, co-students]  my customers proud of me and loving what I had. That was one of the main happiness of a programmer I guess, seeing their clients satisfied and contented on what they’ve done for their clients.

Speaking of codes I remember my recent work. That was our recent machine project for our programming applications class. We were tasked to build a login page for our lottery game and I enjoyed it. The time Sir Mon asked us to do it. My mind starts to find ways on how to deal with this. how would i do it? what design would i make? will do put some images? effects maybe? and things like that. As I got myself home. I started having my design, but damn~! not enough time to do extravangant things so I decided not to get too much flower on my field. I just have my header with me, a simple background, a small box containing textboxes and labels. I guess that was one thing that this chapter is telling us. I mean, not too much flower. You don’t need much to say that you have the best software in town. keeping the codes simple as it is will tell you that. Well, if you don’t have much codes you will not have too much features or designs right? One important thing is that you enjoyed doing it and having it simply.

I guess that was the main point chapter 10 wants us to know.


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