Chapter 11 – Words

One thing that this chapter want to tell us is that, why settle for a month long preparation of gibberish documents alike when you just need a simple plan.  I look this point as getting real. Well getting real, is real, and true to one’s self isn’t it? I mean why do all the works, give all your strengths, efforts for this tons of work loads that your boss wants by the end of the week if your customer/client only needs a few. I mean, the academe have taught us how to manage a project, build a systems design, analysis of a certain system and what have you. But just for the sake of knowing what we will do when we graduate and we choose to have those tracks. Professors gave us this kind of drill for the sake of knowing. Well, in the academe we are given tons of work loads evaluating companies, books, small scale store. We need to put everything we can to work with that. But is it getting real then?

In this chapter I realized that all we have in the academe is just a mere of practicing what is right. It will not mean that everything we did are applicable outside but just the thought of knowing how to do it. I mean not every teaching will be applicable when  you be in your certain place doing this same old systems analysis and design for the client you have in you company. By reading this getting real by 37 signals give me enough knowledge what would I do with my life after school. What will I do with my work after school. And what means to be real.

Just be real. That’s what it really mean of. Converse with the world in a simple way. Converse to them and get what they need, have what they want. Not everything will be applicable to a system which only needs certain things.

I remember what I have reported before, I was task to report of Accounting systems applications. I gave them [my co-students] the knowledge that those top 500 companies we have in the world have their own self-made accounting system. One thing they want their own,  more of what is applies to their needs. The thing is, not all features that accounting softwares we have in the market are useful for a company that process importation or what have you. Let us have enough features. Being simple and consise is a thing to this world. We don’t need flowery pots just for the sake of wellness in us.

well, when possible for chapter 11.


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