Chapter 12 – Pricing and Signup

Well, this chapter is all about what the title says so. Pricing and signup? Do you ever think of why is that there are alot of people try different kinds of site even if they know there spam mails are getting full? haha. seriously, I am one of those freebie guy out there signing up for site which I never knew and trying if their product will work for me or not.

Well, FREEMIUM are now everywhere in the internet. Free at first, sign up at last. haha. After quite sometime trial version will end that you need to purchase their products to continue with their service.

That was one of the topic this chapter is giving us. the correct pricing and correct signing up. For me, if i develop softwares like they do I would give the beta version for free. and if I know what I need to look at thats the time I work on with the patch and give the patch its fee for the user. Cool isn’t it? Business is good. haha.

Another thing, correct pricing is what we need. Well, thinking off piracy in the internet why people giving a damn for this kind of work? Why authorities look for it? Well, do they know why people are supporting pirated materials? Well, for a fact that people supporting it doesn’t have moolah purchasing this gold thing offered by Music labels for their artists. If they know how to give it to the market? well, they would not have a headache until now. Good price is one thing we need to learn. How we need to price our products in order for us to market it fully and correctly.

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