[Chapter 13 – Promotions] Blogging, true essence

Wow, another set of getting real. Back to getting real now. And yes basically from the title promotions thing-of-a-jig.

What we have here are sets of articles that talks about promoting a products/services… anyway, stop that boring summaries about this chapter. I want to share more about blogging and I guess all promotions have this.

Well, most of us jumped over blogging because your teacher/professor say so or maybe your friend send you an invites while having spams on you mailbox/es. Honestly, I don’t even know why I am blogging? Where the heck I started and what the reason behind my addictedness to blogging.
Not so long ago, while those WordPress WordCamp Philippines incharge of the planning meet. I was there during their day-before quick meeting. As this person [i forgot his name] was introducing his colleague, he then said “eto kumikita na ito ng $1000++ dollars, blogging lang”. I just then asked myself “pwede pala yun?paano yun?”. That is what this blog all about.

Honestly I don’t have enough resources that time to think of blogging is a mere business that you can do anything with that. I was just a kiddo searching for mommy and daddy, asking for food that I haven’t been taught by nature that blogging is a form of business or what. Only that time knew it was. *poor seph poor* The only thing that I keep in mind is that blogging was just a game which you can play anytime, a bestfriend which you can trash into words what you felt sharing. Follow this follow that? Anyone ask why blogging site have friend-adding features? For networking amigo. It was on my mind that for me blogging was just a networking which you let them view what is going on with you know. But anyway, does it matter? yes it matters specially when you have products. [yay~! back to the never ending products and services]

Looking for blogging as a network site, source of income, and what have you tried to give us that blogging is a mere promotions. Having your own network of friends keeps them updated to you. I mean if you have your own personal blogging site like I have 3 years ago you managed to see it as a social networking website. A common thing for us.

Anyway, Anyhow

I guess the true essence of blogging is not just having your own set of friends in the cyber world, but a mere inclusion to promotions. Promoting sites like what I discovered, getting an income from blogging and what have you. Well, that was blogging. I mean it was blogging. Giving out information, writing something about new technlogy you have, sharing ideas about something. Putting advertisments on your web logs means promoting products and services. In lieu with the topic discussed is what’s in for bloggers nowadays. correct blogging is what we need. and its preety simple. you just type and press save. that’s it~! A cprrect network would give you a better market. So I don’t see the point of limiting down a blogsite to your friends. [except for private details about your girls/boys]

I hope i got the point and the reason to. Well, just stay put and i’ll be blogging more soon.

Thank you and good day~!


Advertising is expensive. And evaluating the effectiveness of
various types of advertising can wind up being even more
expensive than the advertising itself. When you don’t have the
time or money to go the traditional advertising route, consider
the promote-via-blog route instead.
Start off by creating a blog that not only touts your product but
offers helpful advice, tips, tricks, links, etc. Our Signal vs. Noise
blog gets thousands of unique readers a week thanks to the
helpful, informative, and interesting bits and anecdotes we post
on a daily basis.
So when it came time to promote our first product, Basecamp,
we started there. We got the word out on SvN and it started to
spread. Folks like Jason Kottke, the BoingBoingers, Jim Coudal,
and a variety of other people with popular blogs helped raise the
visibility and things took off.
Ta-da Lists is another great example of the power of blog-based
marketing. We launched Ta-da with a single post on Signal vs.
Noise, and a few weeks later it had been mentioned on over 200
blogs and over 12,000 people had signed up for their own Ta-da
account. Word about Backpack spread even faster. Within 24
hours of launch, more than than 10,000 signed up.


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