Chapter 14 – Support

It’s about a month ago since I started reading getting real. And I am going to end this reading by this week.

It was a weeks since I posted my blog. And I don’t know how to react on this anymore. Err… Pardon me if I cannot deliver this fully.
Err. In this chapter I only see one point; it is all about having your own support. It is somewhat similar to what the version of Cluetrain Manifesto laid of. The fact is true that there should be no “monkey-in-the-middle” in customer support.  That there should be a direct connection between customers and the people who made the software. What I mean or rather they mean is that we should have or a company should have his own support to further know what their/my customer needs. By having an outsourced work group for example would not help you much with your business instead you let yourself outrun by other companies. This is not only applicable to the companies handling food or software firm but the rest of the industry.

As a customer we know how convinient to talk to the person which deals with your matters. Who knows well about what you experienced, in short who did it. Well, I myself wants to be with those persons who knows best. I usually get annoyed when I talk to those call center agents who don’t have much idea on what they usually offer or what their company offers. err to them. I am a gadget lover and so I usually hang on to gizmo centers along Glorietta and over some malls in the metro. I talk more of those sales agents who have different percept towards gizmos. and the heck they were talking.
I remember one time, I am looking for the best laptop for myself.  I got a chance to stroll over the metro to look for a laptop that will soothe my taste. err the heck I spoke to different kinds of people and sales persons. Same laptop model but different specifications given to me. And the heck they are marketing their products with a less information on that matter.

Anyhow the idea here is, you should know that correct support for the product/ services you are having is needed to further enhance or further work on with what you have. If you are working on with a project, as a software designer or what you should be welcome to what the customer/user has to say and further defend your point.

I mean I guess that simple blog reflection will do for this chapter. Hope I had a kewl blog with this chapter, hope you understand what I am at.

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