Chapter 15 – Post-Launch

I’m on my fifteenth blog for getting real. As the end approaches I am learning. Taking some notes regarding building startups and a like.

This article is all about definitely the post-launch of a product. Somewhat realising your 10-year pet back in the wild. As I actually reading the articles I am thinking of how to blog this. I haven’t launch a project yet that I may share to you avid readers, less assured that you are really reading my blogs.

put the focus on the most crucial components before launch. Instead of trying to squeeze in a few more things…

Anyhow, I was about to agree with this quoted text originally from the article. In this I am about to agree that we should focus more first on what should be accomplish. Those things that needs much more attention than putting your time to the things less important. Be more on the eye first before continuing your work on the outside parts. Well, the core is much more important than those outside the traffic lines. Well, after which you work with the core you may simply upload it to the wild and more people will compliment on your work. Now is the time to work with the outside particles like they will help you more over with what you need to put over. But after you upload it on the wild don’t ever make it completely independent that you will see it as a dependable working app. According to one of my professor and it is quite real really that there is no such thing as perfect man, woman, and even software. So see to it that it is updated and more over that those people using it knows the how-to’s. I know some applications that is quite good in terms of performance and work but it is diffcult for me to manipulate. err. right? anyhow, developers should come up with ideas on how to teach those users how to use the products they laid of. And as what our professor said, “I am not a psychic that I know your applications”. Yeah it is, if ever we have running apps on the wild, definitely we are coming up with updates that most people who haven’t seen much from you are capable of waiting at. Those updates. If you have an update, people are not psychics that they know that you have updated your software apps. At your ownself you should know when to released the information.

I guess that was it for this chapter. What this chaptyer wants to point to us is that, after you launch the product many steps should be given for. Not everyone uses technology to know what is in. You should let them get updated on waht you have and better of update your software applications that those people involved using your product may enjoy the service you are giving them and what your product is giving them. Updates are important. Don’t stick to what you have evolve~! Just go with the flow and thing of how to further give the best thing on your users. That is it~!


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