Chapter 16 – Conclusion

Whew~! I finished it~! It was kewl experience reading this getting real book. As what the book says, I can not build a getting real application with minimal resources. I just need the correct idea of which, proper timing and design, passion to do those stuffs and that would be it~!

I was about to agree with this quotation…

Everyone can read a book. Everyone can come up with an idea. Everyone has a cousin that’s a web designer. Everyone can write a blog. Everyone can hire someone to hack together some code.

The difference between you and everyone else will be how well you execute. Success is all about great execution.

Everyone has it all but the thing is how well you execute a project. It is real right? The world don’t care how good you are at those what is important is that if you do it properly that people then to compliment on your work. Yes you have your project what if no one else knows or wants your project? Where are those people? Software will not work if those first hand user were not there right? hehe. Anyhow, that is another thing about. I don’t want to put this blog over rated. I want the conclusion to be simple enough. 🙂 so better and I am off now.

Thanks to Sir Dave for the cool book and God Bless every avid reader of my blogs.


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