Spree-Heroku Integration


It’s been a while since I was so frustrated in dealing with spree to heroku integration, that I tend not to support ruby on rails anymore. err. No man can let me go down this time as I tried once more [yes, again] to set my local-working application to the wild. I gave it all out as I am a frustrated man, I don’t want to be left out by people. And so I am here again, not that late to put it in.

In this regard, I am giving the fame to Arjay as he did it first. Thanks to that Screencast where in you let me go back and forth. To my “well-known” professor Sir Paul Pajo that he spent sometime with me integrating it in school while we have those proxies and security protocol that our **toot** school has.

Anyhow, I am have a fully operational spree application. When I speak of fully operational I speak of I have fully integrated it [not the products still]. Just check the site off at http://spree24ecom.heroku.com/. by the way, I haven’t hack the admin account or whatsoever in order to put in some products. Sorry for that.


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