Introduction – Why Should I?

“hacking is not merely you are a criminal, instead you are an enthusiast, an expert, a problem solver” – josephbuluran 2008

Hello there, as part of my introduction let me handle the phrase I quoted above. As I have read the first part of the introduction, I got this as to be my welcome statement as well as a quotation for the rest of my stay. I have to love this quotation because this would be part of my life now. If you think of, it is definitely true right? As what Eric said, hacker/hacking is not what those press-os gave signage to those criminals of the internet but it is just a mere fact that when you are called a hacker, it is being a sign that you are good in what you are dealing with. Basically the knowledge in the World Wide Web makes you into it.

So, why should I really? do I have a damn hard ass to sit over and read this thing called Cathedral and the Bazaar? Oh well, as what Eric Raymond said on the latter part. “I am part of this culture” and so do I.

As I was reading this introduction part, I tend not to sleep eventhough it’s 1:40 in the morning and I have my finals today at 8am. I was somehow got my interest in reading this. err. Now, I have my first liked book this term! [Let me be in the topic now]

Well, in this opening chapter Eric have shared what this book has to offer to us readers [yes, we are readers] .  And I find it interesting to read it than reading Stephenie Meyer’s books. With this book we are getting to know the open source world. Yey~! For me, it is definitely cool to know this, in fact I’ll be having my own open source business by the end of my stay in the academe. [Hopefully it will be pushed through, help me bros and gals of Council of Green]

I have been a hacker and so I support hacking. Well, I do not know and support much the open industry but somehow and slowly learning how to support this kind. I’ll be discovering more of this as I read and further study. That’s all I got for know.


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