Homesteading the Noosphere

The culture of hacking has to say it all. The chapter have to deal with all of the questions that concerns hacking (in a good way, not of the weird actions just like the unethical hacking). Though, the major question for the part would define the contradictions that the open source community and the real programmers that are behind the idea of doing so. To think about it, a lot of insights came to my mindset. Questions such how come they have come up with the software of of the product itself. Given the fact contradictions are there in the scenario and working place of every hacker. Another question have to say that is behavior only the basis for everything?

As I read the article, paragraph by paragrapy, sentence per sentence and word for word, I then realize that culture, customs or traditions are to be consider one of the factors that entitles a place to be called as a country. Well, that can possibly be a probable answer to the question of contradictions about the behavior of a person to the activities that he has to do.  Inconception, planning and implementing a “simple” project at all as to be called it. But for the hackers part, they have to overcome it inspite of all the contradictions accused upon them.

My Favorite quote from the article:

“Cultures are adaptive machines”

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