The Magic Cauldron

The economy of the open source community are to be discussed within the article. Majority of the topic are to cover the phenomenon of the open source, in the first place. For the past years, many people have make theirs own point about this topic much are to be in the negative, sad to say. Anyway given the term such well what else it implies, yes indeed it is a free. Availability of the products to be with you possession don’t cover any cost. Well, when it is free what would be the idea of an individual. Of course, the quality are expect to be in its low conditon. For in fact it is not, not at all. For many years, same and same negative things are happening until one day the community are in the mood. What else do you expect? just like a magic the public are now open of the open source community. Hackerss are the guys who are really superb enough to meet these expectation. But still they are not satisfied with it becuase the advocacy are to be lose track in each and every area in the world. Speaking about now they are still working on the advocate and hopefully this generation of ours has to become an advocoate and fun of such software in the future.


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