Microsoft Imagine Cup 2009 Local Finals

Here posted is a rough schedule that we will follow for April 20, 2009’s Microsoft Imagine Cup Software Design Local Finals. For CSB students, this is will be our scheduled Course card distribution. And if you have time please do drop by Augusto-Rosario Gonzalez Theater and support Team Council of Green as they were competiting on this event.

Hope to see you guys, pray hard as team Council of Green compete up to the World Finals. 🙂

God Bless +


o   08:00-09:00 – Registration / Testing

o   09:00-09:30 – Welcome / Opening Remarks

o   09:30-10:00 – Team 1

o   10:00-10:30 – Team 2

o   10:30-11:00 – Team 3

o   11:00-11:30 – Team 4

o   11:30-12:00 – Team 5

o   12:00-01:00 – Judge Deliberation / Press Interviews

o   01:00-02:00 – Awarding Ceremonies


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