Christmas Wish-least

As I am waiting for Sir Jao to come, I am listening to a conversation on my right. They were talking about Christmas wishlist as what they have on their list and so on. I came to think of having my own Christmas wishlist. Thinking of a nice present this Christmas is difficult though. I won’t expect that I can get two or three kinds on my list this Christmas rest assured I appreciate any. Here’s my list.

Christmas wishlist:

  • New laptop! Preferably Mac Pro
  • Caaamera! D90 oh soo love it!
  • PSP Goo woah woah!
  • IPodTouch!

Lets just stop wishing for lustful gadgets, be more practical.

  • New starbucks planner
  • Starbucks tumbler
  • New pair of headset
  • New converse shoes
  • Russ dog stufftoy
  • Techdeck set
  • Martin Fowler book
  • Any malcolm gladwell book
  • New fullpack Java book
  • Any blue star item
  • Any Team Manila shirt, Small or Medium is my size
  • Lomo Camera
  • Lanyard
  • Converse shoes from Shoe Salon

Despite of my Christmas wishlist, its not about how much, or what kind of gift you gave me but what is important is the thought of giving me a gift.


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