On my graduation day, messages from my friends and relatives

This so long past due, but then I would like to stress out and document these message which came from my close friends and relatives.

To start first, a SMS message from my Tito who have been my nanny when I were at my nursery age. He told me this:

Seph, Di man ako maka attend ng graduation mo,nandito lang ako lagi para sa’yo. Walang kasama yong mga anak ko kaya di ako nakakaalis. Babawi na lang akosa’yo pag nauwi ka dito,mas masarap kahit tayo lang 2 ang magkaharap. Ingat lagi & CONGRATS! GOD BLESS!

Next is Uij, my friend from Don Bosco turned out my team mate and bestfriend.

Seph! Congrats and thanks talaga! Nakalimutan q magsign s slumbook haha, next tym dalhn mo! πŸ˜€

Next would be Tito Walter who used to wash my feeding bottles.

Nktapos kn s skul days mo, simula nmn ng ibang chapter ng life mo, mas lalo mo pagbutihin ngayon , dahil umpisa n yan ng mgiging knbukasan mo. Wag k muna mgaasawa, enjoy mo muna pgiging bf n gf nyo, alagaan mo n un bgay kyo nun hehe. Good luck n God bless!

From Tita Lailah:

Osep congratz!ikw n bhl ky nickroie dyn.npkswerte ng dady’t momy m s pgkkroon ng ank n 2lad m.lht kmi d2 proud2 syo.congratulation!!!

Lastly, Ivy

Thanks for the food tonight! Congrats ulit! Start na ulit ng bagong yugto! Pasabi kay tita, thanks and congrats! Graduate na si only son! Good night! ;>

For those who came to my party thank you, you don’t know how much I enjoy my life with you guys and be part of our mini thanksgiving celebration for a wonderful year we’ve had. One way of thanking you guys and well first the Lord is to come up with a party like we’ve had. God Bless you friends and family.

As I always tell me friends, please pray for me to the Father.


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