Book of Eli: movie review

My recent weblog [before this] placed an important role to better open what I will be blogging now.

What is it about movies and the apocalypse these days? There a few movies coming out the screen with apocalypse-theme. I haven’t watched 2012 but then as I’ve seen the trailer its pretty part of the future catastrophe that could possibly come. And now, here comes Denzel Washington lead actor of the film Book of Eli. Eli [Denzel Washington] was a wanderer/survivor walking west across America for 30 years after a cataclysmic war that turned the earth into a total wasteland. Life then is either to kill or be killed just for survival; you are living in an ecosystem wherein you can only kill people. Lucky you if you can see animals out. Eli with unbelievable killing skills became a warrior for self-defense with his Machete, pistol and a few. With his backpack full of things for trade, this includes his container for water and his most prize possession leather-covered book commonly known as the Bible. This book was just imperative that even the antagonist Carnegie [Gary Oldman] wants it on his possession. Carnegie assembled a cluster of men and runs to town in search of this prize book of Eli. He thinks that with it he can subjugate the world. In short, Carnegie wants to be sovereign in the middle of Sahara desert. Apparently, no copy survives [as far as the movie is concerned] but Eli’s. As I stated it, it is the most prize possession Eli has that he didn’t even want anyone, get it and even sees it. Like Eli, Carnegie remembers the days of war same as the Bible. Every stop Eli make, he sees to it that he is able to read the book of power.

Twin brothers Allen and Albert Hughes did a great job on this film. This is not just an ordinary movie for me but a reel full of stories and possible points that may change lives. What I love about the movie is not just the story itself but how each person acted upon their characters. Pretty amazing. At first, I didn’t know what about Book of Eli I just scrapped moolah from my wallet and pay the price of the ticket. I am afraid of not enjoying the movie film, because the start was like pure actions no talk and you’ll going to think of yourself being deaf of not hearing anything. I can feel the movie from where I’m sitting and each conversation they were making.

Book of Eli, not just a typical post-apocalypse movie but can be adapted to our own lives. Each and every scenario that could be seen played part on our own being. Every one of us is like Eli, walking down to west looking for that place wherein we can leave the book. Seen the symbolism? You play Eli’s role going West meaning going heaven wherein you can lie for rest and that how Eli did. Don’t worry about the where you walk, what street or place you will be passing, what people you will be meeting what is important is your faith that you have God on your backpack. He gave you everything you need; in Eli’s case those machetes, stopover water well, and so on for your travel. Have I told you Eli was blind? Think of it, even Carnegie did have the leather-covered book he cannot read it. Good thing here is the bible Eli was reading was a Braille King James version of the Bible. Lesson on your mind? What is it? For me I guess, this verse will answer it. “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.” Psalm 23:4 [KJV]

This drives me every day of my life even Eli was touched by this verse. Even when I walk through a dark valley, I fear no evil for you are at my side for your rod and staff grants me courage. People, trust in Him and you will be fine. It is not because I am a catholic that I did love the movie but the story behind it a lesson is yet to be shared for us viewers. Try watching it, and may you’ll be moved by Eli.


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