Recollection on a Friday Night

I came to a recollection just few minutes ago, and the speaker is Fr. Dave Concepcion; one of my favorite priest which I usually be with every 1230H Sunday mass at Megamall. Few sub-topic struck me and I do want to share few quotes I remember from his talk.

What will your achievements, degrees, medals, position and fame there’s nothing it will be if you don’t see love on your family.

He started it with the idea of What you sow is what you reap wherein parents if you exert an effort to bring your children stroller every Sunday don’t worry for they will push your wheelchair when you grow old. For What you sow is what you reap. I am actually thinking deep about that, will they be reaping from me? I keep on assessing myself about this as he actually did told us too the other day in a recollection in Megamall. But I guess, I’ll be pushing my mom/dads wheelchair when they grow old. It is just one way of respecting and giving back what they’ve done for me for I know I wouldn’t be where I am if not because of them.

Anyhow, he goes on and struck me when he told the audience about something

“If you really love your girlfriend/boyfriend/husband/wife you must love your mother-in-law.”

Just guess why did he told this? Anyway let me continue. How will you love your girlfriend if you cannot love your mother? Love and marriage not easy, many couple nowadays are getting problems with their covenant. Not an easy task. According to Fr. Dave if you could share your love to your family and if you can see love inside your home you can share love outside the four corners of it. I was struck that I admittedly knew that I didn’t love my mother much. How will I be able to share my love if from start I am not loving. Anyhow, my point here is the start of loving is where you live. Start loving your mother, afterwhich you can love your special someone.

My mind says I am not for blogging anymore. ahaha.. sorry gals, guys.

“Lent is a time for love for the salvation of sins…”


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