People call them Jejemons

What’s with those so called jejemons that they already invaded online stream? Are those new breeds of pokemon which Ash is addicted to?

Less than one week that I first saw few ads, pictures, fan pages about jejemons. Few hours past my friend tagged me on her documentary about this freakin’ Filipino-cult kiddos. If I am not mistaken this was one of their topic on their FIDLAR subject.
What I can say about

Honestly, I do know some kiddos who were sporting this kind of language [insert a better term for it]. And I do publicly say that I am pissed off with this kind of statement. Jejemon people, are you calling this your fashion statement? harhar! Funny yeah? People who sport this ruins our own language which is Filipino. Sporting that is an issue for it doesn’t help you nor I in building communication. What a rubbish way of communication, prolonging your words putting w,s,h with those rollerCoAstER annoying cases. It is not proper and it annoys alot of people.

With our world today, mobile messaging ate billions of population and that every man statistically have one-three mobile phones active on their pocket. It is now easy to converse with people around the globe. Imagine farmers/fishermen can market their produce without having a sweat with just a press of a button, sending SMS to their prospect buyers. And you people doing such rubbish statement, ruining communication? What the?!

We can write messages as clear as possible, that is why it is called SMS which means short message service for SMS is created to send messages in as short way as possible. Same sentiment to those people who were abbreviating their messages that Germans can understand what you are saying. Germans don’t have vowels right? If they do only a few.


To those “jejemons” out in the wild and to those who keeps on abbreviating words that no person can actually read your message, please.. please change how you deal with it. Thank you. You are not contributing, you are actually ruining.

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