Sky Cable has the worst customer service I have ever experience!

AGAIN, Sky Cable has the worst customer service I have ever experience! Three days ago prior to fight date, I availed Skycable’s Pacquiao versus Bradley pay-per-view. I am very well proud to tell my friends that I have availed one for myself, and then I asked for them to be in our house that Sunday. Everything was all set. My mommy and I went to the grocery and grab things we need for lunch, we also called pizzahut for delivery. We made lunch for our visitors while waiting for the fight. Signal went well at first, but after Jorge Arce’s fight our signal failed.I believed it was just a 5 minute signal interruption however, as I found out its for eternity. After 10 minutes of not seeing any assurance that signal will flunk back, I telephoned the customer service while monitoring the fight via an online livestream. Bernadette Villordon answered my call, and she keeps asking me to wrench off my modem box, do manual scan, and few more for more than 10 times. Imagine? We were troubleshooting the signal over and ended the same procedures. In short, she doesn’t know what she’s getting along. She even scheduled a technical guy the next day! He called me up if what’s my problem with my transmission line signal. Going back, I get more enraged when my mom and I asked for their duty manager. And look we waited for two long hours hanging on the phone hearing their screams ’cause Pacquiao is boxing out Bradley. Not to observe that I called them up 30 minutes before Jessica Sanchez sang Star Spangled banner. Joy Ocampo, Ronald Villareal, Hernan Jader, all on-duty managers of these poor customer service representatives doesn’t want to take our call as they were engaged watching the battle. And, let us pass the benefit for them, they were engaged to the call BECAUSE OF THEIR FAILED SERVICE.

After more than two hours, this Bernadette Villordon hang us up so I phoned again and here is Gabby Gabriel answered me, yet again the same situation. No manager wants to hear us for more than 30 transactions. Yes, you are definitely right we were hang up hearing this annoying standby melody of Sky cable. More than 30 minutes, Ronald Villareal got the telephone and talked to us. Agreed on few terms, and we DEMANDED for a rebate and few more. That damages we bore from your unreliable service. We’re demanding it. We are your customers, we want reliability, we want fast help. Better to scrap all of your customer service representatives and invest more on your new CSR trainings. Not to mention the slow reply of @skyserves on twitter. Asked about my problem twice and not hearing something from the user until now.

If you guys have the same issue, or got a fail service from sky, don’t mind mention it below, comment your grievances. Thank you.


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      • virgie says:

        here in davao, we also experience their VERY POOR service, in terms of their internet connection.imagine, they have the courage to collect penalties if payment is late,when, in fact, they have this UNRESOLVED periodic internet’s good if it’s only for some few minutes, BUT there were times, it takes days before they take action and fix, and! action only takes place after a VERY TIRING,VEEEEEEEEERY TIME CONSUMING AND COUNTLESS FOLLOW-UPS! indeed, this skycable has VERY POOR service!! and when you make follow-up, you must have a LOT of energy,patience and time for wasting on we wish, competitors come in so we can have options and definitely leave this skycable

    • This is Philip Martin and my wife and i live here in the Philippines for over 5 years now and this is the first time i have complained about the tv cable service….it stinks ….I have been without cable tv for over 30 days now and you cant call anyone to complain because you have a rotating recording that doesnt do anything but give you the same recording over and over…..i am so tired of this companies customer service ….if this company was in the United States and the customer service was this bad they would be out of business….would you please have a technician come out and see where the problem is ….my phone number is 795-5626 and our email address is……thank you

    • Rome gonzalez says:

      2017 May 15. Sky cable has the worst customer service , im pertaining to the call center agents they hired to handle matters… “Mel” you should be ashamed of yourself..i should have listened to my buddies and went for CIGNAL instead., ive heard better things about this company .

  1. yup you’ right my friend sky cable has the worst cable services ever.they’ve been changing non sense program from the k=sky silver and just this week thye’ve cancelled out 12 programs such as national geo and HBO.ay ya yay! 10 of my friends switch to paranaque cable i might inquire too.

  2. RJ Baliza says:

    Royal Cable in Sta. Rosa has never dropped signal once when I was subscribed to them, for over four years. When I transferred homes, I had no choice but to subscribe to Sky Cable’s services. From the outset, I have had my doubts about their reliability. Twice, their accounts manager and contracted cable installation crew were sending out feelers for tips! Imagine that–I haven’t even begun watching their shows, and these people had the gall to ask for money! And, now, when their signal goes out and you call them (at least here in Laguna), you’d be hard pressed to talk to even one customer service representative. I wish I had another option, but as it goes, Sky Cable has major monopoly on the market!

  3. mitch says:

    same here since tuesday we dont have signal… we inform them thru hotline but the staff RISHEL told me that around 5:30 all signal was set in the area.. but upon checking all the units in the condo have except our unit. wednesday i call again to complain but staff named KLOWEE assured me me that they have technician who will check the signal… thursday my auntie call to know the status and they just inform that service will be available after 24 to 48 hours… up tp 7 days… VERY BAD SERVICE.. until now we dont have signal

  4. Grace says:

    Had the worst experience with skycable too! I even got to a point of terminating my contract with them! Until now I still have problems waiting for their crew to retrieve the modem! Probably they dont want me to get my deposit with them thats why and eventually forfeit it!

  5. Charles Evans says:

    Sky is a mismanaged company. What do you expect? You might as well terminate sky’s service and move to cignal. Since last week,sky’s service is intermittent. If you call sky, it will take forever. Paging gabby Lopez and Carlo katigbak. Do something. Sooner or later you will find sky in the kangkongan

  6. charles says:

    Same here…. and I don’t even have a plan yet. I was applying for 1 in the Cavite area. I text their hotline 3 times over a course of 4 days and was assured they’d contact me but nothing happened. I registered online and never got anything back from them even a courtesy email. I call their Cavite number but it’s never available(and that’s 3 days of attempting). And then I call their Manila number and the irate sounding rep kept telling me to dial the stupid busy cavite number and just keep trying bec there wasn’t an available alternative number. And finally I email them at their telesales e-mail address explaining my frustration but no one replied back….? With this type of service and misleading marketing, I don’t think I want to subscribe anymore with them … at all! If this is what I get as a potential customer just wanting to try their business out, what more when they have me under a contract?….

    • chichi says:

      sa cembo, makati ,kahapon pa walang signal. d kami nakapanood. Sana pag uwi ko mayroon na. mahiya nman kayo s aming smga subscribers ng sky cable…

  7. faye says:

    I agree! I tried calling their number (381-0000) several times but the line was busy. When my call *finally* went through, the person at the end of the line said they do not handle cable network issues even though this is the number provided in their website. They referred me to another number 631-0000 but I got the voice prompt that that number is not working (!). I have also tried to contact them through text and did not receive any response until the next day.

  8. aj says:

    i also have the same problem with our sky cable!!!! whenever it rains,,signal’s automatically gone….anyone there who has the same problem????

  9. alyssa says:

    SKYCABLE IS VERY WORST! Had applied to cable and internet when i moved to my condo, the internet signal was so damn worst. And everytime i called their hotline it the service rep is always busy, now last may 2013. I moved to another condo unit and ask them to move my connection to my new condo unit. But it came out no one is answering me again everytime i call. So i decided to disconnect my account with these worst connection ever. Until now the connextion is still in my old unit, where someone else is living already. And every month i have to pay for that connection even if im not using. Lol im not going to pay this. Its not my fault if i dont like their service and want to disconnect it.

  10. badette says:

    I agree Skycable is the worst customer service!!. Imagine i started to complaint regarding my digibox not working, i had only one channel but im paying for Php 280.00 per month. From October 23,2013 to Nov. 08, 2013, they did not repair my digibox. They will always say , : its being handled by our techinician , with in 72 hours they will do the repair. I waited and waited but no technician show up. THEY ARE THE WORSTS. SO DISSAPOINTED

  11. meme says:

    The problem with them is they do not find time to understand the problem. All they do is take a “canned” script (check on this, check on that, turn it off, then on). Even though we explain the what’s happening with our cable subscription, they (most if not all) do not give an effort in understanding the situation.

    I believe these are all third party call center agents. Why not invest in well-trained and in-house technical persons who would know they are talking about?

  12. Donnie says:

    Warning!!!! Be careful in calling their hotline 381-0000. I had a very bad experience with that hotline, after I called that number I received numerous calls that offers credit cards. I do not even apply for one. It seems that somebody is leaking personal information and giving your address and contact numbers. This is unlawful.

  13. ..... says:

    Well just recently, magpapadagdag sana ako ng cable outlet first week ng january pa lang i called them up, they told me puno na ang sched ng mga installer ng buong january so they had me schedule ng feb 4, i made arrangements to leave work that day to weyt for the installer and mga around 7 am p. Lang nag text nako dun sa concierge number na binigay nila to follow up my installation para to make sure din they wont forget na i am scheduled that they, but nagantay ako till 7 pm but nobody came and to think they even had a nerve to say that their concierge will personally assist the customer with all their concern, e wala din naman nangyari, , SKY CABLE REALLY SUCK, i tried calling to say my complaint but iba na naman ang binibigay na instruction saking nung agent nila on the line, it seems na sa bawat pagtawag mo they keep asking you to repeat your complaints and then give you different instruction, ginagawa na lang nila tayong tanga , i hope magsara na sila dahil apparently they give no good service at all

  14. Kaycee says:

    No one is answering their customer service hotline, tried calling of their branches Talisay, Mandaue, and Cebu City. All the numbers I found on the Internet and NO ONE ANSWERS: What the hell is wrong with their customer service people???? We don’t have cable connection now, and trying to reach them. messaged them on Facebook and still waiting for a response. I’m really annoyed now.

  15. Acee says:

    I agree worst customer service. I requested for a dual def last feb 23, to my surprise nakabit the same day but mali pala ung nalagay, standard connection lang. I called the hotline he said papalitan the next day but no one came. I called again told me to wait 2-3days for a call back but no one called. I called March 2 and they told me March 3 naman. Came March 3 no one came pa rin though they claimed na pinuntahan ung house namin hindi lang nkita. No one bothered to call if its true that they cannot locate the house. And its stupid kasi nakapag install nga sila now di makita ung bahay. Last night again I called sabi March 4 which is today pero wala pa rin. I posted on their fb account at ang reply March 6 daw. So much inconsistencies and this company has no integrity. I was asking for a manager or supervisor but wala daw OIC lang. But the OIC wont take my call. Pinag intay ako ng matagal and when they got back engaged to another call daw ung OIC. Sabi ko payawagin ung OIC but no one called. Their service is hopeless.

  16. i agree…i tried 2 times to hook up. they refuse to run cable but there is a line coming to bldg. also they don’t call to say this and u have to c office. i also want to say cignal and royal cable r just as bad. cignal equipment didn’t work and they refuse to send tech to repair… i look for other supplier for cable

  17. JOSELITO C. SANTOS says:

    Skycable has way too much commercials! I was watching Olympus has fallen last night, in the most exciting part, the part when the whole story comes together, the network went into a commercial. When the commercial was over, it was the next featured show! I was under the impression that the main reason for having a cable network was for “commercial free” tv. I do not know the mandate or by laws governing cable programing but I am almost sure it does need that much commercials. For that matter, the subscribers pay a monthly fee & a lock in period, for what, to watch commercials!

  18. Redentora Samia says:

    I totally AGREE . . . I pre-aaranged schedules with them (not once but several times) for their engineering team to repair my cable which has been non functional for 7 days. They will commit a time and not be there. What’s worst is that they even resort to lying by saying that they went to my place and that nobody was around which is not so, since I validated with our lobby guards – they were a no-show. I’ve called and SMS several times and as always they committed to be here but to no avail. I requested to talk to an officer – Chito Bautista – customer service supervisor, and was given the usual run around. The person in charge – Mr. Carlo Katigbak, nephew of the Lopezes should stop sitting around and do some managing and damage control

  19. Alyssa says:

    UGH! I also hate sky cable! It always says “no input signal” or “no access blah blah blah” people are paying good money to watch tv conveniently and this freaking sky cable always gives crappy crappy crappy service!!!!!!!! It’s so annoying and not to mention the slowness of opening a channel!! Plus when it rains just a little bit sky cable loses service and it’s really really annoying!!! I hate them and I can’t wait for the time when we’ll change cable ugh SUCKIEST SERVICE EVER FOR AN EXPENSIVE PRICE. Ugh

  20. Avi says:

    NEVER EVER EVER AVAIL SKYCABLE’s SERVICES!!! i hate hate hate this company!!! i just had my cable installed last month and ive been having constant signal problems. i cant watch GMA news tv and GMA. this is the worst cable company! it is so expensive you need to pay extra 100php for every extra channel like disney junior im so freaking furious with the customer service rep they are all bullshit!!

    • roughedge says:

      I got mine installed first week of april and already have issues. Watch out for those short fused agents (Mylene), they will hang up on you if they dont like your tone..

  21. ADELLE says:

    after hearing all those profanity and absorbing the barrage of negative feelings, it looks like Sky will change its name to Hell Cable anytime… please get your act together, Sky Cable. Any recommendations for a better cable company, anyone?

    • roughedge says:

      Adelle, I feel your pain. Check out PLDT. I heard they have a package deal..not sure how well they are but its worth asking.

  22. KOYIKS says:

    patunayan niyo na responsable kayong mga businessman at inaalagaan niyo mga consumers hindi porke malake kayong kumpanya at malakas kayo sa presidente ng bansa eh pwede niyo nang gawin ang gusto niyo para kumita lang. para naman sa mga subscribers, consumers, let us show these business people na hindi na lang natin basta kakainin yung ihatag nila sa ating panget na serbisyo. mashadong masusuwerte ang mga businessman dito sa pilipinas, puro kita ang iniisip, gusto nila patayin nila kumpetisyon para kumita sila pero papanget naman ng serbis.

  23. leah alabastro says:

    was about to go to their office today to apply my connection,.. thumps down to sky cable, i´ve changed my mind.

  24. roughedge says:

    Try PLDT, they have a package deal too. I should have opted for that instead of sky. They should call it Hell though instead of sky, they are giving those angels up there a v bad name. Customer service is horrendous. Worst customer service agents imaginable. Watch out for that Mylene girl, she’ll hang up on you if she doesn’t like the way you ask. 4 days of no service is just fantastic.

  25. Airah luiese bunsuk says:

    Actually I think they just let their phone hang the whole day so that no can call to complain, .cuz ive been calling the whole day but always busy..not even single seconds, ringing at all..always busy..but wen it comes to collection and their cotract rules they are soo strict, , but they are sooo idiot wen it comes to coplain., their Gold member is btter that any of their HD CHANNEL ASIDE FROM ITS EXPENSIVE its also not stayble.,

  26. guia b. oro says:

    the worst customer service, i ever encounter. their trunk lines keep on ringing … without any recorded message to let you know that their customer reps are still answering other calls! the smart celphone number that they have posted in their website, also keeps on ringing. WHAT IS HAPPENING??? WE DONT HAVE A CABLE CONNECTION SINCE JUNE 1, 2014. TODAY IS JUNE 6 , WALA PA RIN!!! HOW CAN WE LET THEM KNOW, WHEN WE CANT EVEN CONTACT SKY CABLE.

  27. max villaester says:

    We have the same prblem,lagi scrambled signal,in my place here in sampaguita vill.san pedro laguna.and when it rains expect that u wont get a signal at all for how many days.and u wont get any refund so this coming rainy season,for sure i cnt watch any sports event which is my fav like tennis,golf n football,sana maawa naman cla at maayos cable ko,ive got two useless digibox whch i paid monthly more than a thousand pesos.coz i have other extra chanel like nba premium n fox sports n solar sports whch they charge separately and yet the services were really really bad.bad bad bad bad bad.u better shut down ur company,if u cnt improve un services n upgrade ur obsolete system

  28. Hazel says:

    i agreed to the comments,Sky cable has the worst service of all. I’ve been calling 3810000, 6310000 can’t get thru.

  29. Amy says:

    Yes I agree that Sky Cable is the worst service I ever got too. We are applying to install our broadbank Internet and chase them for few times (in 3 weeks) about the installation date, the person in charge is Allan D Castro promise many times that he will get back for the installation date and however never feedback. We have been texting him about the status and he did reply. We call him and he promise will check and feedback but never call back. The company with such staff with such attitude is the worst I ever experience. I hope that the mangagement wont be the same attitude, otherwise this company shall be disappear from the history.

  30. Mabeth says:

    We have been subscribed to Skycable for so many years already….We have been putting up with their bad service for that long as well! Now, for almost two days already, our cable is down yet as I write this feedback….and Everytime you lodge a complaint about technical issues, their procedure is to ask you to go through the channel program to scan, then if it still doesn’t work, they will tell you that they will send a technician within 24 to 48 hours without giving an exact appointment time and says too that there has to be somebody at home when a technician arrives. Basically,they need to play it safe ….They could not confirm a service time and in the same breath they need someone to be home when a technician arrives….How self serving!!!! They want you to wait the whole time, without even considering that people have work and have a life too. They can’t even be flexible with customers…They seriously need to undergo customer service training.They know nothing about it as you don’t even feel any empathy and will even make you wait and wait on the phone. By the way, the name of the staff was Joyce Lingad who expectedly was also very mechanical with her responses….What makes your blood boil is when they always say they are sorry for the inconvenience!….A standard spiel that sounds very procedural….You ask for a superior or a manager, all the more that you won’t have one at an instant! Their superiors also probably avoid handling complaints!!! We were calling from a cellphone and out of desperation we waited,,,,, until finally after a good 15 minutes, their Officer in charge -Elaine Dela Cruz of their Technical department took our call…..Then again, our concern had to be retold and only to get a reply that a technician will come after 72 hours! How infuriating! Anyway, after a lengthy discussion with her, she finally said that a technician will come tomorrow….Hopefully, she stands by her word that our cable will be serviced. We’ll see then…..with years of subscription for 4 television sets , and frequent payperview orders, they probably don’t want our business anymore……..We are already contemplating on changing our cable provider and we just might soon!

  31. anonymous sky says:

    I used to be a skycable agent last year. The reason that they giving a very bad after service is their 3rd party sub-contractors cable guy. They are the ones who do not come on time and keeps on whecking the trust of the subscribers. Their customer service training for their agents are good enough enough i must say. But sad to say its really hard to contact their hotline due to so many calls on que always. They wont be able to leak any confidencial files cause everything you do with their customer details are monitored, screened and recorded with their I.T. They should changed their stupid arrogant sub-contractors who keeps on messing around cause all they that without them on the field Sky Cable is useless. They always have awards and incentices for outstanding customer service agents to motivate them to provide best customer service but we canned to ask the same questions everytime you will call our hotline cause its standard procedures. Their field technicians and field agents sucks! They are not well trained and breeded to provide quality service. We are handling the whole Metro Manile for services thats why we follow lead time to provide service and because of our sub-contractors who seems do not know how to follow instructions made us ever more worst…

  32. anonymous sky says:

    For me now that out with them. They just have to increase the number of realiable educated service men so they wont back log on their schedulings. Theres nothing perfect in this world but we they do what its right and on time. It’s that simple be on time and be reliable. Still i must say Sky Cable has most of the channels we want. Just poor signal that just keeps on messing when a really bad weather comes along. Sayang naman hopefully they could still improve over the years..

  33. anonymous sky says:

    Truly Skycable makes it seem intentional that every part of their business fails or is is incorrect. In six months of service they managed to deliver 2 bills however if you lose your receipt for a paid month they said i did not pay! You cannot trust any part of their business because they only care about collecting the money. They never compensate for days of failed service. The customer service makes my head pound every time I have to call them and that happens at least every month. We discontinued internet service with them the very first month because it rarely worked. I bought my way out of Sky and will NEVER go back even if they get a decent picture finally. worst company I have ever had to deal with! Stay away!

  34. aldrin says:

    hindi maganda ang sistema nitong sky cable na’to pinaputol mu na, kinuha na nila ung box tapos magbabayad ka pa, anu ‘to lokohan hindi ku babayaran yun anu kayo hilo

  35. olen lim says:

    Sky Cable has not improved at all. Sometimes you will feel you just need to live with them but it stops at rudeness. A month a go I strained to have another box installed and that took a while to get a schedule. When they came (finally the people who came was better mannered) I asked if they could already upgrade my other existing to HD. They said it need to be scheduled; so I respected that. I text the concierge assigned to me Red Francisco and John Jerome Mendiola. So this person Red tex and said the job order should be posted first 3 days…Now a month has passed, after calling to upgrade my subscription, I reminded him and he said hindi pa daw na post 1 month daw. I said he’s lying because he was the one who mentioned it was 3 days! Then he said “gusto no picturan ko para malaman mo tutoo?!” That was it! How rude was this? This is ultimate.

    I also have the screen shot of when he said 3 days. Now sky cable is that good service?! I mean really.

    • says:

      I agree with all the comment above Sky -Suburban Cable Network Inc. has the poorest service ever.. We apply for their service and pay the amount of 1999 as installation fee and subscription fee of 1776.21. Upon application we were informed that we pay for the digibox so there is no need for us to return the digibox when we decided to stop the service.

      After 3 yrs of their service we wanted to stop SKY due to poor signal and frequent collection of penalty charges when we did not pay sky on time due to reason of not receiving the monthly Statement of Account.

      I went to their office to sign a termination contract of service and offset the deposit of 780 to recent charges on prorata basis. While in their office the customer service informed me to have refund of 426 and such is subject for approval and i need to come back again.

      Amazed after few days service technician came to our house asking for the digibox. I was hesitant to return it for reason i know that we pay for it. Then few days after a delivery of statement of accounts with unreturned digibox charge of 2000. I complain……. but they said sorry… if u were misinformed by sky agent but u have to returned the digibox. Now my question is where is the 1999 i pay for?????

      Sky maybe you should check on the honesty and dignity of your staff. They represent your company and whatever false statement they give to client reflect sky. Maybe its about time you should stop rendering poor service to public.

      I will coordinate this concern to the right authority.

  36. alexander paz says:

    Worst, no its very very worst, i wanted my sky services be cut last month cuz im leaving for LA USA ,until now no action yet…………. im Alex Paz from Antipolo city. I hope one of the Sky Personel would act on this soon thanks a lot

  37. Angel says:

    Worst I’ve experienced in my entire life! Their customer service team are not very courteous and yes, they do make you wait big time but still leaving your concern unresolved. I also asked for a manager but then they told me no manager was available and an “OIC” will handle the call. This “OIC”, I think, is not what he was referred to because just the same, he did not listen to the concern and jumped to tell what he wanted to.

    Being very fortunate, I even got a chance to talk to one of the Account Managers whose surprisingly has similar impolite attitude with the rest of the people I’ve communicated with earlier. The same happened when I asked for a Manager or Supervisor to speak with instead ’cause we were going round in circles — “All supervisors are engaged, blah, blah, blah…”

    I’m not really sure though but they gave me a feeling that the reason they are communicating even more badly is because I told them I’m an employee of the account holder but actually, I’m not. Talk about sarcastic, impolite tones; emphasis on the lady-Account-Manager-communication-mishap.

    People from Sky doesn’t listen. (sounds ironic, eh?) It was such a big hassle to repeat everything when you have a long and bad experience to explain to each and every one of them. Tsk!

  38. says:

    I can’t help myself but leave a comment being one of those, thousands if not millions of inconvinienced skycable custumers. IT WAS SOME TIME in Feb 2015 when I was put on hold for 30 minutes by the rep before I got this JOY OCAMPO (MANAGER) on the line. SHE PROMISED ME THAT SOMEONE WILL CALL ME BACK WITHIN THE WEEK .THAT WEEK PASSED BUT I HAVEN’T HEARD FROM ANYBODY….I DID NOT BOTHER TO CALL THEM AS I’VE LOST MY TRUST.. I CAN TRUST MY ENEMIES MORE THAN SKYCABLE FOLKS.. JUST SAYIN… .

  39. Paula Malajacan says:


    About 3 weeks ago my dad asked me to call skycable hotline to inquire about their lates bundle promo of plan 3999 which includes cable, mobile landline and 10mbps broadband. We already have an existing sky cable and sky broadband and we specifically told them that we have no intention of disconnecting our services but what we want is just an upgrade. April 22 our cable has been disconnected when i called their hotline to ask why they disconnected the cable svc we were advised that they need to disconnect the cable first to make the 2 accounts as one. April 24 they picked up the digital boxes. April 25 a sales agent called us to inform us that the application is already being processed and so we assumed within that week they will re-install the cable and mobile landline but after a week of waiting i have to contact their hotline again ( they have the worst customer care believe me!) I was able to talk to the same sales agent and to my surprise it looks like she forgot to process the application and so she informed me that she will update me asap and so i gave her my mobile number. No updates ! Again i have to call their stupid hotline again i have to go through being hangup and being placed on hold for several times until i was able to speak to an agent who told me a schedule has already been set for May 6. Waited the whole day at May 6 and their was no installation team who came in. I called again and was informed that they rescheduled the installation on May 7 because they are having problems with the mobile landline signal. I asked for a specific time they said it will be during the morning. Come May 7 morning no installation team arrived and i have to call the same useless hotline again until i got so fed up and asked to be transfered to a supervisor. The call was already escalated and i warned them that i am giving them until 5 pm or they can removed their broadband and just forget the whole thing. And the funny part is a agent from skycable called my dad for a survey to know our satisfactory rate about their service. My dad being really frustrated since its been more than 2 weeks since we made the request told the agent to get their acts together first before calling for a survey.. ofcourse daddy told them he is very not satisfied. What really pissed us off is he was able to talk to a supervisor from sky cable named Rod Chavez because the installer told us that we have to pay for the additional box. Before theu disconnected our cable we have an existing 2 boxes already and the request was only for an upgrade they were the one who insisted to disconnect the cable. So aside from the 3999 a month in advance plus the 250 for additional box that we have been told to pay we have to pay for additional 2500? You have to be kidding me? When my dad was on the phone with skycable supervisor that supervisor told him that he will only be billed for the a month in advance and installation fee of 350 then they would surprise us with the contract that they want us to sign which stating that we will be billed for a total of 6499.. 2500 for the additional box is still included…. crazy! Since they didn’t comply with the previous agreement my dad told the installation team to pull out everything they installed today. And i swear we will never apply any services from Skycable again!!

  40. Tezz says:

    i have also experience very poor connection for mor than 2 months and i keep on texting the customer hotline bec i dont have landline..but i got same reply to check. nO VIDEO RECEPTION OR IF THERE IS VIDEO ITS FREEZED..AUDIO IS CHAPPY AND U CANT UNDERSTAND.


  41. Peter Wolfgang says:

    here is their reply to my email. “our service technician will arrive within 48-72 hours between 9am and 6pm. job order number 3401085. and this was two weeks ago,,,,,,still waiting,,,,,,hahahah LOL

  42. Walang silbe technician nila, meron akong pina add na channel, biruin mo pinalitan ung digibox ko para malagay ung channel kaso defective at pulled out pala ung box na ginamit,

  43. Skycable of Davao City has the worst service in the whole world. Top management should terminate the services of its Manager for absolute incompetence. I personally experienced lack of concern for my complaint about my connection being lost for nearly a week.

    • Gia says:

      Yes, I’ve been trying to call their hotline 305 5456 but I can’t talk to anyone, they gave me a concierge cellphone number but they don’t even respond. Very poor service!

  44. Hackstern Kim says:

    I wish I could read this pages before I applied for SKY cable.
    I have experienced with disconnection of internet and unstable connection speed so I called them and emailed but they just sent me same messages. One of them called me after I complained a lot of time and promised to visit my unit to check. Yes!!! Never!!! They never visit and the fucking internet connection is still there…What a poor service…talaga.

  45. marlo says:

    Its already 2016. And they still run their business this way. Ive called their non existent cust service 3 times today only to jarre my ears with their happy “me and my sky” jingle. Leaving me feeling more isolated in my current state of tv-lessnes running for more than 24hrs as of this comment.They are the WORST!!!. Im thinking of filing a complaint to DTI (good luck to me)or even going to media about this. This kind of arrogance should long as govt allows it, these companies will continue to care less and spend little about their after sales service.

  46. CAROL says:


  47. Me too I had a bad experience with this company, they’re very hard to connect!!! Just calling their hotline takes you almost an hour and still nobody picks up the phone what the h*ll are they doing can’t accommodate their clients!!!! I wanna call them asking ideas what could we do can’t pay the bill ‘coz we lost our billing statement but nobody answers the worst I ever had! Now has to disconnect our subscription already….

  48. Daudz says:

    Subscribed to 8mbps bundle. Night time connection is crap only getting less than 1mbps through the night, everynighht.

  49. CHERIE says:

    This is my disappointment with SKYCABLE that triggers my BLOOD to raise up and cause me HYPERTENSION!!!
    It’s TWO MONTHS OR MORE than Two months already that I’ve been complaining about my cable. It used to be Destiny Cable and I have never encountered any problem…… And then oneday it changed to fucking SKYCABLE….and the nerve to send their billing every month!!!!!
    I even went to their office in Stock Exchange Tower and filed my complaint, the lady that attended to my complaint said that it will be provided with their technician as soon as possible but up to now it’s been almost 3 months now I don’t have cable in my condo unit!!!!! FUCKING SHIT SKYCABLE!!!!

  50. jack says:

    Totally agree that SKY CABLE IS THE WORST CABLE COMPANY EVER. We subscribe to this company for more than a year now. For the 1st year we almost have to call 3 times a month and complain on the cable connection connection (no signal), and sometimes it will take them more than a weeks time to solve this problem. On the second year we paid in advance for one year in jan, comes feb they bill us again and state that i’ve an outstanding account with them. After a long hours of waiting and several call they mentioned that they’ve and error with our account and will correct this immediately. After that a representative of sky called and is informing AGAIN that ive an outstanding account with them. Again after several checking by their representative they apologized for their error and will AGAIN correct this in their system. Comes march, ive receive a statement informing me that theyll disconnect the cable because of the outstanding account and to make thing even worst they made this new policy that all concern on their service you need to call them now thru mobile numbers (additional cost) in order for them to accept and address this
    Your issue and concerns (which by the way no one answer and reply even thru txt) GOOD JOB SKY CABLE. FOR GOING FURTHER AND MAKING YOUR COMPANY SUCKS!!!!!!!!!@#@#@#*@*#*#*#*#*

  51. taj says:

    Management of this company don’t take what we’re saying seriously as being showcase by their staff. Yeah your right that they have the worst customer service!!!!

  52. buttercup says:

    Bwisit na skycable to, panay bayad namin tapos ganito service nyo, halos laging sira ang signal..worst cable everrr.. hindi pa makontak agad customer service,haaayy, grabe kyo..

  53. Paulus J Leonardus Vleugels says:

    I think we all agree that SkyCable has NO “customer service”. So what is the alternative ? I live in Paranaque and would love to terminate my SkyCable subscription. Any other providers that someone can recommend ?

  54. So frustrated right now, been 6 day without signal 3 times I called this number 421 1818 (Manila office CSR) sales rep will answer it, all they can do is emailing the local concerned office of my complaint, the local CSR don’t even read their inter office email, thrice this unscheduled interruption happened to me, weighing my options now, tomorrow may look for a better provider. fuck skycable customer service, very, very, poor.

  55. BRYAN says:

    A CALLING TO NOW PRESIDENT DUTERTE. FYI, please make a move on this number1 daw na cable network … But in reality THE WORST ……… Sky cable customer service must be shutdown… As well as the company itself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tried calling their hotline and took me 2hrs to finally talk to someone which is from APPLICATIONS…. Dahil SA maintenance puro press 2 press’s this and that fucking press PRESS YOUR FACE BUTTFACE!!! Walang KWENTA ANG SKY CABLE… MAGALING LANG SILA KUMUHA NG CUSTOMERS PERO PAG REPAIRS NA WALA NANG SINABI!!!! Mga MUKANG PERA KAYO !!!!!!!!

  56. Lucia A. Claustro says:

    SKY CABLE HAS THE WORST SERVICE. I have been experiencing their worst service for four months now. They requested me to pay the whole amount before they will terminate the extension of my cable. After paying the whole amount they immediately terminated even the main cable. Ang bilis magputol ng linya but napakatagal magpadala ng technician pag may trouble. Grabe bulok ng servcice ng SKY CABLE.

  57. pink says:

    i want to file a complaint,, first, ur automated system sucks!, second, ur call center reps are all incompetent, ive spent 7 hours on the phone trying to get someone who can give me a box since the one that we have got stolen when we had our room renovated, ive spoke to diff people and promised me that they will email someone to call meforthis matter and no one really called me! is this ur way just to get rid of ur customers in the line? i was asked to dial diff numbers but being routed to the same dept. if u ask them questions all they say is “di ko po alam, ibang dept po un”. ive wasted 7 hours and get nothing plus i get to be charged for the phone calls that ive made to u guys from our homephone.third, they dont know how to acknowledge customer’s frustration. they even raise their voices if u said how pissed u are, they all sound sarcastic. lastly, skycable is such a big company for u not to have an available during weekends, for people like me who only has free time during weekends and expecting to have someone to assist me is something that u guys cant give, for a customer who has been wid u for several years and paying for almost 2k subscription but the service keeps on being interrupted every mid day for 3hours, if its not for my son the service has long been disconnected. im trying to call the concierge raymond alfonso for 3 days now but no one is answering!!! i just need a fucking box!!! i just hope ceo’s of sky can read this

  58. ivan says:

    Cebu Sky Cable SUCKS! nobody’s answering on their customer service 421-1818 and if they do they gave you contact number for your concierge. My concierge was “Ronnie Teves” with phone number “0923-221-7184” but this IDIOT is not answering the phone.

  59. IREEN says:


    • rene mascarenas says:

      i am the latest victim of this sky service mess… we all agree that their customer hotline is not reliable when making a call to complain what you will hear is a repeated voice message advertising their sky products before you get to talked to the representative to air your concern….. true enough texting # 23662 you will received the reply- invalid keyword!!!… now sending email to to complain will take you 3-4 days to received a reply from sky office support – customer care division with no concrete answer… up to this day my problem with their technicians still not met. I AGREE WITH ALL THE SKY CABLE IS OF VERY, VERY POOR SERVICE & BETTER TO TRANSFER TO A COMPETITOR CABLE SERVICE.

  60. Leo says:

    Worst ever. It came up to the point that i ask for their supervisor or manager to call me and i quote their answer “Let me assure you that what happened in your case is not typical SKY’s level of quality service. We are committed to provide all our customers with the best standards of service in the industry. Again, our apologies for the incident and thank you for your patience. ” quality service daw takte.. hinihingi ko phone number ng coroprate office walang reply at gusto ko na ireklamo yung basurang customer service nila. Siguro dapat kay pres. Duterte na ireklamo to.

  61. Customer service is non-existent, Lost our internet connection this Sept. 4th and was able to report on the 5th, 4 trips to their office later with assurance that a technician will arrive each time then come Sept 26 and surprise, We still cannot connect, We’ve been a customer for 5 years and we are treated like this…

  62. H.M. says:

    I have never in my life experience customer service as worst as this damn company! I hate the customer service here, very unprofessional and rude. Plus they provide false promises. I do not have all the time in the world to go to your got damn office and talk to your chicken brain employees for heaven’s sake. I schedule a technician to go to our house, 3 weeks after nobody showed up, went to their office again and said as they have checked, saw a note that they have to schedule it again, why the hell did you not do that rather than putting useless notes. Scheduled again, and said they are definitely going to be there in 2 days, 4 fucking weeks after nobody still shows up!!! such incompetent people! and this happened several times! I don’t have any fucking idea what qualifications you should have when you apply in this company, but I think my 5 year old brother can do more and understand better than the customer service representatives they currently have. More stupid than I ever thought any HUMAN can possibly be. UNBELIEVABLE!!!

  63. Joseph says:

    Yup, hands down, skycable is the worst fucking cable company this side of the planet!!! That company is manned by stupid, lousy and greedy people and unfortunately for us, we have been a victim of such nasty traits!

    Last January 2016, a personnel of skycable connected our requested dual def hd/sd subscription and disconnected our old sd subscription. But the dumbass personnel left behind the old sd box instead of bringing it with him and surrender the same to their shitty company.

    On our February 2016 billing, we were charged with the Php 250 extension channel despite the fact that our old sd subscription was already disconnected last January. We immediately called their useless Hotline and complained of such erroneous billing and we thought that it will be resolved the next month.

    But to our surprise, we were still billed of the 250 on our March billing and now it increased to 500. We though that skycable was just slow in resolving complains so we just brushed it aside, but to our disgust, we were still billed on the succeeding months. We decided to request for a reconnection of our old sd box on our other tv set coz anyway we are being billed for that. We complained to the personnel who reconnected our old sd box about the fact that we were billed despite the same has no damn signal due to disconnection, and he called a personnel and reported the matter.

    On our July 2016 billing, our supposed “arrears” (for 5 months beginning Jan. 2016) on the sd extension subscription that was actually disconnected by their dumbass personnel were still reflected so we complained again about the matter. But it still remain unresolved, and they charge us for late payments on the supposed unpaid arrears and worst, they cut off our several channels each month due to non-payment.

    We made an email to their equally useless skyserves but nothing good ever happened. They would always apologize for our inconveniences but they never actually resolve our concern. Last Sunday (27 Nov. 2016), we were forced to pay our unjust “arrears” since they are so stubborn in resolving our concern and request for a reconnection since according to them they have no basis. They held us hostage by depriving us in enjoying our favorite channels most especially my sons fave Nickolodeon channel, so inasmuch as we are on the losing end, we paid so our regular channels would be reconnected. That’s a clear case of extortion on their modus operandi of simply leaving behind the old disconnected sd digibox then charge us 250 although it has no benefit to us as it has no signal on it.

    Imagine, we have been complaining of our very simple billing problem to the shitty skycable thru various means (Hotline, personal, email) and yet it has dragged for 11 months and remain unresolved. Due to frustration since we have been deprived of our fave channels, we have no choice but to settle our unjust arrears just so we may enjoy the shows that we sorely missed due to unfair disconnection by the shitty management!!!

    Let this be a warning to the public to be very careful to the apparent Modus Operandi of shitty skycable by leaving behind your old digibox when connecting a new subscription then charge you later for it and if you will complain about the matter, they will stubbornly disregard the same and disconnect your lines for non-payment of the unjust arrears and even charge you for late payment. ANG KUKUPAL NG MGA PUTA!! SOBRANG BUWISIT AT SALOT SILA!!!

  64. Stuart says:

    A monopoly run by stupid people milking the Philippine public. Duterte has the answer and needs to allow competition. Pathetic pathetic pathetic

  65. Jayme says:

    I’m their queue now. I’ve been waiting now for more than an hour and I still have not spoken to a single Sky tech representative. Been doing this for the last 3 days and no one ever picks up. Sent a text and email and I haven’t gotten a single response! When you try their sales hotline, someone picks up within a few mins who will tell you that they can’t support technical issues! As I write this, I’m about to go on my second hour listening to their hold music, constantly pressing #3 just to stay on hold!!! Jesus Christ, I hate to speak I’ll of anyone… But someone in Sky Cable needs to go to hell for this!!!

  66. Tom Ybanez says:

    Unbelievable! I aquired their package of internet and cable but they only gave me the account number for the internet. I thought was updated on my paymet only to have my cable disconnected. After getting the right account number and paying my cable bill they still have not reconnected it and you cant connect to their customer service!

  67. Bernard says:

    Totally agree, the worst Customer Service company in the world. The customer service representative they assign to us .. does not exist. The number never works, the land line does not exist. I swapped from PLDT to Sky because of the Broadband. Will switch back asap

    SKY is completely useless.


    I know this is an old post. This comment of mine just shows how incompetent those people who run the business are. The rant was posted about 5years ago. And until now, people still complain the same thing including me. Sky Cable, get your shit together, i hope one day competition starts pouring in, that will be the end of the line for all of you fuckers.

  69. sarah abrantes says:

    biktima rin kami nitong skycable nato ,nagpakabidt kami para sa 16 mbps daw,sus sobrang hassle unstable pala ang internet connection,on and off ,day one palang, balik nalang uli kami sa pldt mas matino pa pala kaysa dyan sa skycable ngayon pinapa disconnect ko na kailangan ko daw magbayad ng 4000 dahit may lock in daw,wow ang galing ng negosyo nila, ako pa magbabayad ,kahit service naman nila yung palpak,bukod pa sa advance payment na siningil na 2998.grabe sa pagka wise yang kompanyang yan.

  70. Surprise, surprise…NOT. We experienced the same HORRIBLE service from SkyCable. For the past year, we have been experiencing signal loss, distorted video and sound in many channels and though how many times we have asked them to fix it, guess what? IT NEVER GETS FIXED. So… after almost 5 years with SkyCable, we decided to switch to Cignal and MY GOODNESS WHAT A RELIEF! No more unnecessary commercials interrupting sometimes in the middle of shows and finally no issues with the video or sound. People have been saying that during rainy weather there may be some loss of signal for 20 minutes or so since we use the satellite BUT we would gladly have that over the horrible pixelation and loss of signal for no reason that we experienced with SkyCable. SKYCABLE GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER!

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