Allow me to share my emotions today.I have been to your graduation this morning, yet I chose to be quiet. I had mixed emotions. I am happy seeing you walk down the aisle and let SecGen transfer your tassel from right to left while fixing your hood. Yet I felt sad in a way maybe because I hate goodbyes and I hate the thinking about you leaving the thing you love the most, UST.

I may not be a pillar in the University to be remembered by many. Yet those two years that I have served the institution has been the best and most memorable two years of my life. Even if I am no longer part of the faculty but still I find time to atleast be part of this momentous occasion, because I realized that this batch was the batch I had spent a lot of time with.

Thank you guys! Thank because I have found not just a student, but an avenue to kill my sadness, an avenue to be able to share, an avenue to be able to be myself, an avenue to be able to do my passion and to be able to encounter you. Thank you for those two best years of my life being a mentor to you and a tormentor for some. I’m hoping that I have helped you be a better person, be able to link you to what’s real, and have learned something from me.
Congratulations to each and everyone of you! I’m hoping to see you around. I can’t wait to work with you guys! Always remember what Steve Jobs said, “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish!”. Be hungry to achieve your goals, fight for it! Have a goal in life, especially in your career. And always be humble. Be wise in every decision you make. This is not the end of your journey but just the start of a new beginning! Appreciate each and everyone you encounter. Don’t limit yourself. Explore. Socialize. And most importantly, don’t forget this friendship you have started. God bless!
Sir Seph is always around. Just give me a buzz.


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