Chapter 9 – Interface Design

yay~! for chapter 9~! the designer boy is in the house. am I really? My friends, family and even foes tell me I am a good designer. They give me all positive vibes and all positive commentaries. But i keep on asking myself am I the one they are talking about? I don’t see myself a real-time designer. There are alot of people can do better than I do. I guess I am the one who build more creative ideas than they do.

Honestly, when I hear of photography, adobe photoshop, art, music my attention will be magnet onto them.  When I see books, websites about these stuffs I came to read them and pay more attention to them than homeworks I need to finish. Why in the world I have this feeling for them? I really love arts. I am not good in basic hand draws but I am capable of extending my ideas and wild resources into my hands. I remember when that before this term would start, me and my barkada will go and shoot some reels. I mean, I want to direct a short film inspired by CSB’s Multimedia Arts [I’d better file a shifting form to enjoy this kind of life]. Jr and I chatted before the term starts and scheduled it down for our barkada trip but well, as what we are experiencing right now we no longer have time to brush our teeths [haha, just kidding]. I love photography I love multimedia arts. PHOTOSHOP is lab. haha. WAIT!! before I ran out of words to tell and before I came out of the topic I’d better link you over to the blogsite I used to store some of my arts. I used to store my arts somewhere in my multiply account. I am working on with my deviant art site and updating it to a much better deviants.

Back to the topic

When we used to have started our programming course last year, I am very disappointed to what my grades are. Thinking of this is my major subject and thinking of this was our stream of work for the future. What will companies say if they see my transcript having 2.0 on my card? I hate console. from IMPROG1 and IMPROG2 my grades weren’t high as what I have the term after cause I enjoyed doing Windows Application. I am proud redeeming my satisfactory grades and pulled off having 4.0 in the finals. I love it!

I remember when we first have our mini-thesis software that time. Grouped of three, best mini-thesis every built. I may say we have the cutest system, Banking system.  With my group mates, having this mini-thesis was fun. Thinking of we had our thesis done in Visual Studio 2008 while others having theirs at 2005, having ALOT of User Interface Designs care of yours truly that built an edge.

Well, I agree to what this chapter is telling us. User Interface first before program. I can relate to what this chapter updates us all. That time I used to build our Banking System, my first role was to build a stonger and much more effective User Interface. With all those actions, transistions, background and stuff I fill in all first we what we need. After then, it is much more easier to build the program cause you see how would it work.


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